Service As A Software Data Analytics Services

Business problems are shifting in terms of both content and context. The software model is not flexible, and the services model needs to be more scalable to manage this shift.

New-age data analytics services require a integrated approach – finding new ways to solve business problems in scalable and agile practices.

How can big data analytics software and services harmonize?

Software needs services for orchestration and customization, while services need the software Lego blocks for abstraction, modularization, and automation.

Analytics As A Service

To have Man and Machine working in harmony, both Services and Software need a re-think

Services Re-think

  • From problem-specific solutions to solution design for problem classes in data science services
  • From reinventing everything to reusing and improving analytics consulting
  • From using and implementing software to developing and customizing software as part of data analytics services

Software Re-think

  • From being specific functional and workflow requirements driven to adapt to multiple contents and contexts
  • From monolithic platforms and packaged apps to multiple modular and granular components
  • From finished products and solutions to Lego blocks