The Art of Problem Solving System™

The Art of Problem Solving System™

This isn’t just another methodology. The most crucial aspect of data science consulting is, a series of habits, artifacts, and software, which must be continuously sharpened, but also applied daily to your problem-solving work.

If applied in your environment, this system provides the ‘mojo’ that your company needs to move beyond just mitigating the risks of change, toward taking advantage of those risks.


Establish a clarity of purpose with all stakeholders in the problem-solving process and chart a course toward realizing measurable outcomes and transformative change.


Manage and analyze the interactions between problems to achieve better quality solutions.


Establish a formal decision supply chain to ensure transparency from problem definition through insight generation and success measurement.


Define fuzzy business problems in a consistent, structured manner by asking the right questions.

But what about your day job?

A harmony between the Art of Problem Solving System™ and solving specific problems helps transform decision science in organizations.

Data analytics firms need to assemble the right mix of people (Decision Scientists), processes (Data Analytics Services), and platforms (Big Data Analytics Software) to harmonize solving specific problems and practice the Art of Problem Solving System™. By harmonizing the approaches, an organization can establish a programmatic approach to decision science to accelerate problem-solving and unlock new sources of value.