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Facing relentless change, businesses seek a competitive edge through data-driven insights.

This demand fuels the need for trusted, low-latency data at scale, further emphasized by ever-growing data volume, velocity, and variety. Yet, with over 300 data platform technologies available, balancing business needs, technical capabilities, and cost remains a challenge.

Mu Sigma’s Data Engineering practice draws upon experience from hundreds of complex Fortune 500 engagements to identify critical data engineering issues. We offer repeatable solutions – combining expertise, best practices, and accelerators – that have delivered up to 35% faster deployments and 28% fewer quality issues.

The gain in data acceleration and quality has a cascading effect on downstream analytics and decision science initiatives, accelerating the ‘ideation to deployment’ cycle and reducing the cost of experimentation.



Modern Data Platforms

Unleash the power of modern data architectures – lakes, fabric, and mesh – implemented at scale. Leverage best-in-class offerings from AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, and Databricks to unlock your data's true potential.

Modern DQ Assurance

Revolutionize Data Quality with our AI-powered, customizable framework that seamlessly integrates with existing pipelines within days. Gain objective insights into your enterprise data health with our Cost of Quality calculator, tiered DQ checks, and Quality360 dashboard.

DI Re-Engineering

Conquer data complexity with continuous pipeline optimization. Address evolving data volume, velocity, and variety challenges by reducing latency through near-real-time integration, mastering semi-structured data, and optimizing pipelines for terabyte-scale processing.

Data Marketplace

Monetize your data assets through an internal Amazon-like marketplace powered by cutting-edge data sharing technologies. Leverage comparative analyses and TCO comparisons to make informed technology choices and expedite innovation.

Cloud Migration

Achieve first-time-right cloud migrations with industry-leading accelerators. Accelerate innovation and improve velocity up to 40% faster, by seamlessly migrating data and analytics systems to the cloud. Ideal for large-scale on-premise MPP databases (Teradata, Netezza, Exadata) to cloud-native solutions (Redshift, Snowflake, Databricks, Synapse).

Data Engineering Advisory

Eliminate guesswork from technology decisions with our unbiased, 4-week advisory service. Gain expert insights on architecture choices, technology design, and implementation roadmaps. Our library of 50+ comparative analyses and POC sandboxes empowers confident decision-making.

Cloud Ops

Transform your cloud investments: optimize cost and performance for data and analytics across AWS, Azure, Databricks, and Snowflake. Gain instant visibility with our unified dashboard, experience rapid improvement within two weeks, and enjoy sustained optimization, unlocking the true value of your cloud journey.

Data Catalogs

Break down data silos and foster collaboration with enterprise-wide data discoverability. Promote common data understanding through data literacy programs and solutions including leading data catalog platforms like Collibra, Alation, AWS Glue, Azure Purview, Atlan, and Informatica Axon.

Data Governance

Build trust in your data with robust governance structures and processes. Ensure data lineage, stewardship, and change control through our comprehensive data governance solution.

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