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Employee Experience

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Tejaswani Varshney

Bengaluru, India

The best part about Mu Sigma as an organization is the free flow of communication; anyone can approach anyone without hierarchical boundaries. This is something very seldom seen in workplaces, but it's why I have been able to grasp so much so quickly.

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Vishnu Prasanth Palagiri

Bengaluru, India

Working at Mu Sigma is like drilling an unconventional oil well. It's challenging to traverse to that optimal point, but once you hit that point and start reaping the results, it's exponentially more remarkable than the conventional wells.

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Balaji Narayanan

Bengaluru, India

It’s been over two years since I joined Mu Sigma Inc., and when I look at my journey so far, I realize how much I've evolved in this ecosystem. The environment at Mu Sigma encourages us to be curious, ask questions, and constantly look for knowledge.

Life Benefits

We have a wide array of activities that help Mu Sigmans find the perfect harmony between work, health, and everything in between. 

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Family Day Program

Bring your kin to work, on Family Day to show them your life at Mu Sigma.

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Health Activities Program

At Mu Sigma, we prioritize health through optional weekly wellness sessions and multiple health-focused activities

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Consciousness Activities

Our wellness team organizes routine activities to cultivate a positive workplace environment through routine activities that enhance well-being. 

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Counselling Services

We believe that mental health is critical to your overall well-being. At Mu Sigma, we provide weekly counseling sessions to help you prioritize your mental health.