We are a company 'For the Young' and 'By the Young'

We’re a pure-play decision sciences company that’s part design studio, part research lab, part data factory.

Most big data analytics companies need business analysts, applied mathematicians, programmers and intelligent tech to support them. While most firms separate these into three distinct roles, we have them all rolled into one.

We call them Decision Scientists.

Pure-play Decision Sciences Company

Decision Scientists Don't Just Happen, We Make Them!

Mu Sigma has created and nurtured over 14,500+ Decision Scientists the last 18 years. The ethos that has made this happen is our guiding principle of Learning Over Knowing.

LEARNING by DOING and TEACHING enables us to reinforce continuous learning and development through out the entire journey.

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Life at Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma's culture is rooted in continuous learning, extreme experimentation, and pushing the boundaries of what an individual can achieve. We have built a culture of interconnected thinking wherein we leverage each other's strengths and expertise to build world-class solutions that prepare our clients to navigate complexity.

But that's not all. Even as we deal with the complexities that we solve every day; we don't forget to have our fair share of fun. At Mu Sigma, we believe that problem-solving and delivering impact through our world class solutions goes hand-in-hand with the perfect balance of work and fun.

Catch a glimpse of what 'life at Mu Sigma' looks like.
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Careers @ Mu Sigma

Want a career in Decision Sciences? Want to work with Fortune 500 companies? Want to push your boundaries and scale new heights? Look no further!

At Mu Sigma, we are constantly on the lookout for fresh young talent and those looking to boost their careers and growth.

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Externship Programs
@ Mu Sigma

We run a unique engagement program for all our Campus selects. The Externship Program was launched in 2023 and is our channel to build the curiosity and engagement with the future Decision Scientists of Mu Sigma.

This program is exclusive to the campus offers that we make. If you are a Final year student and have an offer from Mu Sigma, use your credentials to login to the Externship portal.

Externship 2023
Mu Sigma Externship Programs

In a world where Universities have turned into Businesses, we're a Business designed to be your University. Learn more about what it means to be a Mu Sigman.

The Concept of Trimurti in Mu Sigma

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva synergize to complete the universal cycle of creation, preservation and eventually, productive destruction or transformation.

Concept Of Trimurti In Mu Sigma

Meet Some of our People

Grisha Gupta At Mu Sigma

Grisha Gupta

"Only constant in Mu Sigma and in life is change. Mu Sigma essentially prepares you for your life."

I joined Mu Sigma as an enthusiastic college graduate in 2017. I found a refreshing blend of academia and corporate life here. I learned from exceptional mentors, progressing from team member to leader, epitomizing growth. I found abundant opportunities to learn and grow here every day

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Prafulla Kumar Dwivedi

My core belief is simple – with time and dedication, anyone can achieve anything. Mu Sigma reinforced this with CIEG – Curiosity, Insights, Engagement, Grit – defining a true Mu Sigman. From electrifying teamwork with Fortune 500 leaders to solving real-world business challenges, my growth here has been transformative.