Consumer Packaged Goods Analytics

In an economically dependent industry, current market conditions pose interconnected challenges

The consumer goods industry has been fending off an array of challenges, including evolving customer expectations and low GDP growth in several economies. There are vast changes on the horizon as the industry tackles sourcing issues, emerging technologies, supply chain disruptions, and evolving customer demands.

Leaders must now tackle a multitude of challenges from hub to spoke – from revenue growth management and digital transformation to building differentiated products and supply chain transformation. Effective use of data and analytics to create competitive advantage remains at the forefront.

Analytics Solutions For Consumer Packaged Goods Industry


Revenue Growth Management

Make consistent, coherent, and data-informed decision-making for the four key pillars of revenue growth - trade promotion management, pricing analytics, trade architecture, and portfolio optimization. Uncover win-win opportunities to grow the profit pool for CPG-Retailer interaction.

Agile Supply Chain

Use decision sciences to move from cost-optimized to experience-focused supply chains; from product-oriented linear supply chains to fulfillment-oriented supply networks; from a one-size-fits-all to multi-segment supply chains; and from fulfilling demand to demand sensing.

Portfolio Management

Foster innovation in your product strategy through behavioral consumer insights—drive SKU rationalization, demand transference, cannibalization, and portfolio standardization. Manage complexity in manufacturing and supply chain, new product trendspotting, forecasting, and more.

Omnichannel - Commerce and Marketing

Differentiate signal from noise in the hyper-competitive eCommerce and digital marketing space. Build decision augmentation tools to quickly respond to feature changes on eCommerce platforms. Reach the right consumers, improve ROAS, and drive retainable revenue through Retail Media investments.

Grow Direct-to-Consumer Footprint

Deliver an exclusive consumer experience through direct-to-channel with insights for premium and exclusive consumer experience. Build a consumer data asset to understand (and monetize) consumer behaviors and drive spillover growth to other channels.

Sustainability Analytics

Deliver zero-emission goals for your organization. Track end-to-end emissions from source to consumption. Build frameworks for choices when growth and sustainable practices are at odds and blueprints to incentivize sustainable internal/external practices.

Perfect Store Analytics

Gain deeper insights into store performance, optimize merchandising strategies, and enhance customer experience. Achieve flawless in-store execution and maximize sales potential.

Data Engineering

Industrialize data exploration with key principles: ownership (distributed and functional ownership), consumption (connected data for informed decisions), monetization (shift from cost to revenue-generating asset), and maintenance (balancing exploration and governance).

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