Enablers of Confidence (EoC)

Enablers of Confidence (EoC) is a canvas for decision scientists and business practitioners to explore problems and accelerate solution generation. It is a platform with a common ontology that facilitates an emergent interaction between enquiry engine and signal engine, allowing organizations to scale their decision supply chain (from data to decisions) in a purposeful and systematic manner.

The EoC improves content, conversations, and computations by:

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    Improving the transparency of content across the organization

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    Strengthening the cumulativeness of computations and organizational understanding

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    Encouraging more interactions, experimentation and curiosity

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    Enabling the persistence of conversations and knowledge sharing

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    Fostering a culture of collaboration

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    Enhancing decision making capabilities

The EoC mirrors the structure of a neighborhood - organized by communities (a collection of problem areas) and houses, rooms, and bricks. This allows users to easily access artifacts for any specific enquiry or problems they are trying to solve.

The artifacts help accelerate business understanding. They include:

  • Complexity representations

  • Case studies

  • Output visualizations

  • Business process flows

  • Semi-finished code modules

  • Operationalization methods

  • Analytical data flows

The EoC is not just a knowledge management system, learning management system, code repository, and project management tool. It is a supplement to these systems. The EoC is designed to accelerate and improve decision-making within the organization.


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