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Decision Science is a method of decision-making fueled by rigorous analysis through the power of predictive and prescriptive insights, focused on how organizations make choices to create optionality under uncertainty.

Think of it as a powerful microscope that not only reveals your data’s hidden patterns and connections but illuminates the path to optimal outcomes for your business. There’s more to it than just crunching numbers; it’s about understanding the human factor, psychological biases and behavioral influences.

Santa Fe Institute, a renowned hub for complexity science research, highlights: “Traditional (decision making) methods based on assumptions and intuition…fail to capture the dynamic and interconnected nature of real-world systems.”

At Mu Sigma, we leverage decision science to fuse behavioral economics, statistical rigor, design thinking, and the computational power of artificial intelligence to transform your vast data reserves into actionable insights and opportunities.

"The big 'D' in our world is actually not data; it's decisions. When you think about it with purpose, it's all about helping individuals or organizations make better, faster, and more useful decisions."

decision science

The Toolbox

Decision Science relies on a rich toolbox of components to explore and understand human behavior, biases, and emotions that shape every business decision. Our toolbox consists of the following:

  • Advanced statistical models to unearth hidden patterns
  • Bayesian analysis to discover connections and answer questions with unknown parameters
  • Agent-based simulations that mimic real-world dynamics
  • And more.

Mu Sigma’s decision science toolbox, including the Enablers of Confidence and Art of Problem Solving System, provides the canvas for exploration and work. Their trained decision scientists and processes enable Mu Sigma’s clients to scale exploration efficiently, accelerate decision-making, and improve overall effectiveness. As a result, our clients can anticipate market shifts, optimize resource allocation, and seize opportunities faster.

Value Creation

A recent industry study found managers at a typical Fortune 500 company may waste more than 500,000 days a year on ineffective decision-making, equal to $250MM annually. But beyond bottom-line impact, decision science empowers employees to question assumptions, challenge the status quo, and explore unconventional solutions that can uncover unexpected insights or the next breakthrough.

Ignite a spark of intellectual agility and innovation within your organization.

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