A platform that allows you to tap into your organization’s consciousness, by detecting
and visualizing the interconnected nature of business problems.

Capitalize on knowledge
of problem interactions

While solving business problems, we often lock into a single,
sometimes isolated view. Imagine the benefits of visualizing and
acting upon the interactions between problems.


Navigating the interconnected problem universe

How does muUniverse™ support the analytics value chain?


Drive a more holistic perspective to problem solving thereby allowing the creation of better insights


Investigate the strength of the relationship between each star to predict and anticipate the impact of shocks to the system


Align on major initiatives to be solved, eliminate choke points and identify areas with possibilities of non-linear returns


Allow multiple stakeholders to have a shared understanding and common language around organizational issues


Build better governance models by eliminating blind-spots during the business-planning process


Identify new opportunities powered by data and analytics

How others have used muUniverse™

“What I liked about my dealings with Mu Sigma is that they did not come with a supply push solutions, rather a lot of questions – questions about the kind of problems that we were encountering as a company.”

Sr. VP

A leading insurance company

“I just concluded the weekly call with the Bangalore team repairing/enhancing our Economic Model. The quality/speed of their work-product is first rate. These guys are good. And, I like the way they look at the interconnected nature of the problems. They call it a muUniverse.”

EVP – Marketing

Large global pharmaceutical company

“Your Problem DNA approach gave us a systematic way to decompose the problem space, and identify those opportunities with the greatest business potential. The business impact has been impressive; we were able to quickly identify $1.4 million in fraud waste and abuse. Building on our success, we are now poised to scale the analytics solution into other regions of the world.”

Executive, Product Development

Global Insurance Company

An important input while creating the analytical roadmap
of any organization

muUniverse™ integrates with muPDNA™ to ensure seamless creation
and exploration.

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