A decision sciences workbench that democratizes the use of analytical
methods, and integrates multiple aspects of analytical problem solving
into one place

Take the pain out of your analytics execution work

muRx™ fills a major gap in the analytics and decision sciences ecosystem by
bringing together the following in one environment:


Guided Analytical

Perform analytical steps in a structured manner through guided, user-driven workflows

Sharing and Collaboration

Collaborate with multiple stakeholders real time through muRXTM’s multi-user environment for sharing


Offer quick access to consumption-ready outputs through muRxTM’s Insights Reporting Framework

Learning Management

Capture, retain and enhance the problem solving approaches of recurring problems


Stop struggling with syntax or code

Let muRx™’s interactive workflow guide you on analytics execution so you can shift
your focus to where you need it most – solving the business problem.


  • Easily manage data quality by error detection and treatment. Carry out profiling, outlier and missing values detection and treatment.

  • Provide transparency to your analytics methods – models, statistics, outputs, etc. and easily compare iterations.

  • Execute pre-processing and filtering of text, frequency and relationship analysis, text categorization, and topic modeling.

  • Enable auditability and quality checks and ensure standardization and reuses across teams.

  • Receive suggestions for various project-specific scenarios through embedded checklists and onscreen examples.

muRx™ enables organizations to adopt
a new Art of Problem Solving

Get muRx™


Standalone desktop version
Recommended for small teams.

  • Structured Problem Definition Framework

  • Comprehensive set of Analytical Modules

  • Reporting Framework


Multi-User Server Version
Recommended for mid-sized and large teams

  • Structured Problem Definition Framework

  • Comprehensive set of Analytical Modules

  • Reporting Framework

  • Supports Big Data analytics

  • Central Knowledge Repository

  • Multi-user Collaboration and Sharing