A Learning Organization with a Vibrant Culture

  • BLOG
  • August 31st, 2018

To thrive in an interconnected world, organizations must embrace change.

Companies come in and go out of existence every decade, and in today’s ever-changing global marketplace, it is necessary that a company’s culture be prepared to weather continual fluctuations in the industry. Having a solid business strategy alone is insufficient because strategy, ultimately, is implemented by people. It is here that organizational culture comes into the picture.

It has been said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Not just any culture, but a culture that can withstand constant change. A culture that values learning, and a willingness to constantly experiment and fail. This kind of a culture requires a company to be irreverent towards accepting challenges, yet humble enough to accept that they don’t know it all.  A culture that encourages honest and open feedback to quickly adapt to the market’s demands.

At Mu Sigma, these are not just theories, but practices every employee abides by. Company culture is nothing but a set of values that drive the actions and attitude of its employees. In a culture that is built to withstand everlasting change, learning doesn’t happen in spurts. Rather, it becomes a continuous activity. With an ecosystem to support this, the focal point of every employee’s development becomes asking better questions, rather than simply seeking the right answers.  

We pride ourselves on being a learning organization – a business that runs like a university. Mu Sigma University (MSU), our in-house learning and development center conducts interdisciplinary training across Math, Business, Technology, and Design Thinking courses – helping employees learn faster and develop the skillset and mindset to solve real-world business problems for Fortune 500 companies. Apart from guided classroom learning, MSU also facilitates hands-on group learning with mixed peer groups wherein international hires get to work on live business projects along with their Indian counterparts.

The process of continuous, applied, and interdisciplinary learning is not limited to employees’ initial training, as they keep learning across every step of their Mu Sigma career. Mu Sigma’s hyper-connected ecosystem drives this smoothly, fostering an open culture which makes even the leadership team accessible to junior members. Having such a distinct culture gives our organization a bold, young vibe, enabling each one of us to take on the toughest business problems faced by the Fortune 500.

Want to be a part of our vibrant, young culture? Get in touch. Mail us at Global.Campus@mu-sigma.com