An Open Letter from Dhiraj to Mu Sigma Employees

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  • February 6th, 2016

Mu Sigma recently

Announced the appointment of Ambiga to CEO. In the spirit of transparency, we’re sharing the email that Dhiraj used internally to announce the change. We have only eliminated one sentence that contained sensitive information.

Dear Mu Sigmans,

Most of you will think of me as confident and brash – someone with an answer for everything. In reality, I’m a softie with the same emotional ups and downs as many of you. My emotions are intertwined with Mu Sigma. I love this company because of its underlying idea – by extension I am in love with each and every one of you – so much that I am willing to be unpopular with you to do the right thing for you.

Mu Sigma is moving along an organizational maturity curve (see diagram from Ichak Adizes.) In my mind we are moving from adolescence into our prime. The essence of our company – the “why” – will always remain true to our founding principle of being a learning organization. The “what” of our business may evolve organically over time. But we must be willing to change the “how” more readily. As such, we’re making some important changes.
Effectively immediately, Ambiga will take on the role of CEO. She’s been in the company for 8 years, has led many functions, from talent management to marketing to innovation and development. She’s one of the most design-oriented people that I know, a good mediator, and I think most appropriate for this stage of our company’s life. Her work ethic has been an inspiration for me. She will remain in India. For now, the CEO of Mu Sigma must sit close to where we have most of our action.

As founder, I intend to move out of India to spend even more time as a catalyst with customers. Our sales team has done an amazing job, closing 6 to 8 new customers each quarter. But I am now more required in person to help grow those customers who appreciate and utilize ideas like the Art of Problem Solving and “organizational consciousness.” I should now be thought of as a resource to you and our clients. I too will report to the CEO.

At a personal level this is hard for me, as I will miss Akash a lot. But it needs to be done.

I know you’ll have many questions about this move. As decision scientists you’re curious and at times skeptical. Another reason why I love you. We will provide the leadership team with answers to the FAQs that you’re certain to have. Just know that Mu Sigma has been built with a lot of heart. I have enjoyed nothing more professionally in my life than being the CEO of Mu Sigma. It’s been a privilege to lead you folks, but I believe this is how I can add the most value for all of you.

The idea behind Mu Sigma will always take precedence over my own role and interests. Somebody I care deeply for once said, “You only know you love her when you let her go.” I have loved being the CEO of Mu Sigma, but I can let that title go for the larger cause of making Mu Sigma the best it can be. I also know that I love her (Mu Sigma) madly, such that I don’t need to let her go. I just need to change roles.

Don’t think you can get rid of me that easily. I will be hanging around, continuing to make your life difficult with crazy ideas. In fact, you should expect more ideas as a result of this move. And who knows, there may be a time for me to take on the CEO role again.

founder, Mu Sigma
P.S. Listen to this 4-minute song to feel how I am feeling now (