The need for Apprentice based education

We are living in a time of increasing choices, innovations, and unpredictable events.
The rate of change is increasing, and our world is becoming more complex and unpredictable.

In this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world the complexity of making business decisions requires leaders to exercise better judgments than ever before.


Therefore, to navigate and succeed in this fast-evolving world, leaders need to be Students of Change.

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The Challenge

However, the capacity of Educational Institutions to prepare them is limited because their access to real-world problems is limited or becomes out of date faster than before. This has resulted in too few students having the ability to create value immediately after graduation.


The Opportunity

The way forward to bridge this talent-challenge Gap is to create a learning-by-doing pedagogy that is centered on real problems. This requires industry leaders, academic scholars, and policy makers to create an ecosystem where students can work on some of the most challenging and impactful problems of the world – all while studying.

Such a curriculum will enable students to

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Mu Sigma’s educational programs will have students dividing course time between college and industry. Courses at college will teach foundational concepts, while apprenticing with Mu Sigma will ensure hands-on learning through real-world problem solving.

With this intent, to unleash the talent of our youth and help the industry deliver to the development goals of the world, Mu Sigma is collaborating with the following educational institutions.

Vidyashilp University


Vidyashilp University (VU), located in Bengaluru, is a culmination of a 4-decade legacy of the Vidyashilp Education Group. It believes that the future of education lies in developing in-depth domain knowledge in understanding its applicability across contexts and providing real-world exposure. VU creates a unique experience that emphasizes intellectual, personal, and social transformation.


Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Decision Sciences


Vidyashilp University’s BSc (Hons) in Decision Sciences is a 4-year program that emphasizes learning through real-world business problems and helps VU students understand the applications of Decision Science across minors including Finance, Economics, Psychology, Design, and Marketing. The program is also designed to be progressive, with the final year comprising of complete industry immersion at Mu Sigma. To know more please visit the Vidyashilp website

International School of Management Excellence (ISME)


ISME is a leading business school known for offering world-class management education. ISME is founded by alumni of CMU, Purdue, and Wharton, USA. All ISME faculty have had academic experience in top global institutions or work experience in MNCs. ISME is awarded Top B- School for Academic Excellence by Bangalore Management Association in 2022, Ranked 34th all India by Times of India, 27th by Business India, 3rd Best by Eminence by Competition Success Review.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Data Science and Analytics


The PGDM- Data Science and Analytics at ISME is a 2-year post-graduate course developed in collaboration with Mu Sigma. The PGDM course curriculum is AICTE approved, NBA accredited and AIU recognized. This unique program not only develops students into proficient Data Scientists but also strengthens their business acumen across domains of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Business Analytics. To know more please visit the ISME website.