Welcome to MS Innovation and Development Lab, a dynamic hive of over 200 innovators pushing the boundaries of innovation to solve the most pressing modern business challenges. Armed with expertise in hyper-automation, robotics, generative AI, computer vision, and cutting-edge modeling techniques, the Innovation and Development Lab gets your business initiatives off the ground swiftly and efficiently.

What We Do

Our mission is to create future-looking assets based on industry trends with the aim of generating customer delight and increased adoption. We craft platforms, designs and solutions that demonstrate thought leadership and enable businesses to thrive.

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We support our clients and decision scientists by providing:


Our industry-leading platforms include Enquiry Engine (AoPS), EoC, muFlow, and muIOT provide structure to help organizations develop a programmatic approach to data and decision science.

Bricks & Prefabs

We have created over 25 tools to accelerate exploration and execution across the decision supply chain.

How We Operate

Mu Sigma’s Innovation and Development Lab is dedicated to researching, prototyping, and helping deploy next-generation business intelligence solutions in collaboration with academia, customers, and technology providers.

How We Operate

  • Computational Enablement make informed decisions

  • Intelligent Systems better insights via smarter tools

  • Usability & Visualization simplified understanding using a new visual language

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The lab operates using agile methodologies and scientific methods for experimentation. Our processes require rigor, speed, curiosity, and rich, contextual knowledge. The Lab takes raw ideas and academic best practices into reality through development and the commercialization processes.

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Curiosity At Our Core

The Vibe

The lab pulses with electrifying energy as it hums with the ceaseless whir of brainstorming, experimentation, and collaboration. The lab thrives on a balance of seven R's that guide interactions and work.

The Lab Solutions

Witness some of the cool things we work on.