Advanced Analytics In Retail

Building intelligent customer experiences is a key priority for retail leaders

In a landscape where traditional retailers and digital natives vie for customers and profits, the key differentiator will be the ability to swiftly adapt to evolving consumer preferences. From tailoring customer interactions and optimizing assortment, pricing, and promotions, to ensuring efficient and resilient fulfillment, companies must harness analytics to fuel personalization, enhance brand loyalty, and capture a larger share of the market. Those who seize these opportunities sooner rather than later will be the ones to reap the rewards.

Advanced Analytics In Retail


Product Assortment Planning

Computer Vision and IoT have opened immense possibilities to mine the behavioral clues consumers leave on their path to purchase. Harness the power of advanced analytics and AI to uncover valuable product insights to elevate customer experiences and boost profitability.

Media Mix Optimization

Rethinking older media-mix models is the need of the hour. Leverage advanced analytics to determine the best mix of advertising campaigns across channels.

Demand Sensing

Utilize process mining tools for enhanced visibility and identify improvement opportunities to drive digital transformation within the SSI APOS Sales journey.

Omnichannel Marketing

Develop a true customer first, channel-less marketing focused on customer interactions across all touchpoints. Leverage data-driven insights to enhance experiences and achieve better business outcomes.

Sourcing Diversification

In a post-covid era, a new decision system is required to enable great agility and optionality. Leverage advanced analytics and decision science to create an agile, global sourcing ecosystem to move your business forward.

Customer Experience

Bridge physical and digital journeys to create seamless, personalized interactions. Examine the buying behavior of various personas to eliminate friction points, and create innovative solutions that build fulfilling experiences that increase customer loyalty and share of wallet.

Customer Loyalty

Leverage advanced customer segmentation and analytics to gain deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences. Optimize the customer moments of truth to move loyalty from a convenience based to an experience-based program.

Last Mile Delivery

Improve operations and consumer experience with real-time data — achieve improved route planning and accurate ETAs, reduce costs, and meet delivery deadlines effectively.

Data Engineering

Data is the fuel for advanced analytics and more intelligent business decisions. We partner to enable efficient data engineering across the value chain and advance our client’s transformational roadmaps at speed and scale.

Retail Media Network

Retailers have a new and growing proposition for CPG companies: beyond access to a curated consumer base, they now offer innovative promotion and marketing opportunities. Develop and optimize your digital platforms into a robust media network with rich data-driven insights for CPG companies to efficiently execute targeted campaigns. Capitalize on the fast-growing retail media network business to boost your revenue growth.

Checkout Optimization

As omnichannel shifts from aspiration to priority, companies must leverage automation and checkout solutions to deliver seamless, unified customer experiences. Utilize advanced technologies like computer vision to create frictionless brick-and-mortar checkout experiences, mPoS to turn every associate into walking PoS, and other solutions for customer-centricity, loyalty, and increased conversion.

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