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The technology industry is constantly evolving, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses.

To stay competitive, it is crucial for companies to quickly scale and pivot. Leaders must also prioritize adoption of emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, and blockchain to create personalized customer journeys from product engagement through customer success. For an industry that thrives on innovation and is at the center of global economy, in-depth intelligence will be the key driver of self-disruption and sustainable growth.


Ad-budget Optimization

Build effective ad channel and targeting strategies with deeper insights into ad performance and audience behavior to drive more conversions and ROI/ROAS.

OEM Partner Management

Gain rich insights from easy-to-consume visualizations and dashboards that unify multivariate data to enhance product quality, optimize pricing, and unlock new revenue streams.

Platform Performance and Feature Prioritization

Drive platform growth and profitability with comprehensive insights and recommendations that increase user engagement and improve customer satisfaction.

Product Intelligence and User Lifecycle

Understand customer need states, map them to longitudinal, transactional, and digital behavior, create personalized interactions, and establish enduring customer loyalty.

Contact Centre Support

Improve E2E customer experience by identifying optimization opportunities and designing solutions through process mining and data science disciplines.

Post PoS

Utilize process mining tools for enhanced visibility and identify improvement opportunities to drive digital transformation within the SSI APOS Sales journey.

Product Innovation

Propel your high-tech business to the forefront of innovation with our cutting-edge research and development capabilities. By leveraging data science techniques, including AI and ML, we uncover valuable insights from vast amounts of data, empowering you to develop groundbreaking technologies, products, and solutions that revolutionize industries.

Automated Telemetry Instrumentation

Achieve world-class preventive maintenance. Gather real-time data about equipment and systems' performance, condition, and status to improve efficiency, expedite problem diagnoses, and make informed decisions.

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize your supply chain operations with our state-of-the-art data science solutions. Leverage advanced analytics to create end-to-end visibility, demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and logistics planning, enabling you to streamline operations, reduce costs, and ensure timely delivery, giving you a competitive edge.

Smart Manufacturing and Automation

Embrace the era of Industry 5.0 with our smart manufacturing and automation solutions. Integrating AI, ML, and computer vision techniques enables intelligent automation, predictive maintenance, and quality control, revolutionizing your manufacturing processes for increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced productivity.

Customer Experience and Voice of Customer

Delight your customers with exceptional experiences through our data science-driven customer experience capabilities. Leveraging AI and ML techniques, we analyze customer behavior, preferences, and feedback to personalize interactions, anticipate needs, and provide tailored solutions, fostering customer loyalty and driving revenue growth.

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