Mu Sigma Business Solutions, LLC (Northbrook, IL) needs Apprentice Leader:

Engage with clients to understand their business challenges. Collaborate with clients to define the scope and goals of the project or engagement, ensuring alignment between their expectations and the capabilities of Mu Sigma. Build strategies for business expansion and growth, shape new opportunities with Mu Sigma. Utilize data-driven approaches, such as predictive modeling and customer segmentation, to identify target markets and develop tailored strategies. Present strategic recommendations and action plans to senior management, highlighting the potential impact on revenue, profitability, and market share. Work on a global delivery model to solve data-intensive problems. Leverage advanced analytics techniques, machine learning algorithms, and statistical models to extract meaningful insights from large datasets. Drive business impact for clients by offering actionable insights and recommendations. Develop data visualizations, reports, and presentations to effectively communicate findings and recommendations to clients. Continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of implemented solutions, making adjustments and refinements as necessary to optimize business impact. Build relationships with clients, enable easy analytics consumption, and faster decision-making. Develop user-friendly dashboards, tools, and interfaces that enable clients to easily access and interact with analytical insights and reports. Travel/relocation required as jobs to be performed at various unanticipated locations throughout the United States.

Email resume to HR Dept:

Education: Master’s Degree in Analytics, Information Systems or related

Experience: 1 year of experience as a Decision Scientist, Operations Research Analyst, Data/Analytics or related

Special Certificates: Must have an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate and Tableau Desktop Specialist certificate.

Special Requirements: Must have 1 year experience using predictive analytics.

Salary Offered: $131,498.00 / year.