Program for Global Associates

Start your journey with an Indian Immersion Experience

About Mu Sigma

At Mu Sigma, we know that what is true today will not be true tomorrow. We believe in riding on change and benefiting from it. We value experimentation, taking risks, and not having all the answers. In fact, we have become the world’s leading Decision Sciences Company by not being afraid to fail.

We work with 140+ Fortune 500 companies to solve some of the most challenging business problems, helping enterprises develop a new culture of data-driven decision making.

Why Join Us?

Develop the skills required for the jobs of the future

Work on cutting-edge technologies like AI, Deep Learning, and NLP

Build a fast-tracked career in a high-growth industry with a steep learning curve

Work directly with the leaders of Fortune 500 companies across verticals

Experience leadership at a very young age

Be a part of Fortune 500 transformation

While other businesses operate on a project-to-project basis, we are different. We operate on a problem-to-problem basis, helping our clients make better decisions in a world of muddy, inter-connected business challenges.

In parallel, you will also help clients adopt a fundamentally new approach to decision making – a new Art of Problem Solving. As a team member, you will be part of that client transformation.

Here, You Will Experience More Than Just a Job

You will experience transformation while working and training inside the Mu Sigma ecosystem.

During the nine-month training period, you will collaborate with different teams across Delivery, Sales, Marketing, and Innovation to acquire multidisciplinary skill sets. You will find avenues to network with key decision makers from Fortune 500 companies at the very start of your career.

In addition to skill development, you will get opportunities to travel and experience the vibrant, diverse culture of India.

Journey of a PGA Trainee

India through the eyes of the trainees