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A search term of 2 characters is too generic to show relevant mentions. Words like ‘as’,’ if’, ‘an’ do not show relevant information. Thus, 3 characters is the minimum input for the Query function.

No, users’ or author’s details are not downloadable as that would be a breach of the privacy agreement.

At the moment, the demographic data that muFusion Social™ provides is on the basis of gender and geography.

Yes, you can filter the dashboard across months. The active filter section on the top of the dashboard allows you to search based on days, months and years.

This cannot be done directly on the dashboard; however you can set up a comparative dashboard to view results from a non-sequential date range.

Yes, you can view historic data from the time your account was set up.

A data set is a holistic view of combined data of multiple search profiles (with query filters within) across campaigns in a single dashboard. It also allows us to use multiple filters to slice and dice the data and makes analysis easier. A data set acts as a project and you get deep-dive, competitive, comparative and detailed reports for it. Data sets can be used for campaign analysis, competitor analysis, brand reputation management and more.

Consumer Quotes are mentions which show consumers’ intention to buy or sell a product, recommendation or complaint. Mentions are comments or posts defined by the search topic profile and include sentiment, geography, gender and more. Popular mentions are recent mentions on popular networks - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr. Recent Mentions are the latest 25 mentions in your search topic for the selected date range.

The influence factor for people and publishers is based on multiple parameters such as views, followers, mentions and more, depending on the platform. For instance, on YouTube, the parameter is the number of followers; for Facebook, the impact is measured based on the number of friends and shares; and for Twitter, we consider the number of followers and re -tweets. Based on these, an impact score is calculated and assigned to the individual/ publisher.

Yes, you can. By filtering the muFusion Social™ dashboard based on the metrics of the clients’ targeted users/ viewers, you can extract the necessary information.

The Impact Score helps identify influential authors and buzz-creating links from across social media channels. Please note that an Impact Score is not assigned to mentions, but to the authors and links containing the mentions.

You can get the desired list of geographies by filtering the muFusion Social™ dashboard with the ‘Global’ filter. The dashboard filter will only show the regions which have picked up mentions and the information is refreshed real time. You can also hover the cursor on the world map where the regions are highlighted, in order to get a quick view of the data.

Using the Active Filter tab on dashboard, we can select Location and then select the country. Then it allows us to select the specific cities (if available).

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