The problems your organization faces are moving targets. Your methods should reflect that reality.


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Art of Problem Solving

Our Art of Problem Solving System consists of multiple habits, artifacts, and applications. Below are three habits and artifacts essential to AoPS™ success.

muOBI – Outcomes, Behaviors, and Insights

  • Do you have the clarity on what outcomes you’re trying to drive with your data analytics solutions? Are multiple stakeholders aligned around those outcomes? Have you considered the insights and behavioral changes necessary to drive those outcomes? Are you using the right data analytics tools and techniques?
  • muOBI helps you chart a course toward realizing measurable outcomes and transformative change.


  • Are you solving problems in silos? Are you aware of how other business problems are impacting and are impacted by your problem? Are you aware how the problems in your organization are connected?
  • muUniverse helps you visualize and appreciate the interconnectedness nature of business problems and prioritize decisions by bringing different stakeholders on to a single platform.


  • Are you asking the right questions? Are you uncovering the real business problems or just looking at symptoms? Are you thinking from first principles or are you biased by data?
  • muPDNA™ follows an iterative top-down approach to encode business intelligence analytics about business problems with its three strands of design, representation, and hypothesis.

muDSC – Decision Supply Chain

  • Do you spend more time focusing on the creation of analytics than on the consumption of those analytics? Do you know where the bottlenecks and blind spots are in your work across various functions?
  • muDSC helps you map the flow of decisions and information within your organization, from the trigger of a business event or problem, all the way through to the measurement of success.

muIDA – Interdependency Analysis

  • Are you including the right mix of analytics in your problem solving? Are you optimizing your work around analytical inputs at the expense of optimizing their vital outputs?
  • muIDA considers all components of the DIPP™ in unison, helping you see what is happening, why it’s happening, what is likely to happen, and what to do about it.

 Global Delivery. It’s in our DNA.

  • Bangalore is our innovation and fulfillment hub, and it adds scale to our clients’ problem solving efforts enabling us to do more, do it smarter, and do it faster.

  • We typically partner with our clients using a hub and spoke model that involves an onsite presence. A core team in Bangalore dedicated to each client, taps into variable teams as sources for both scale and innovation.

  • While several solutions exist, our innovative governance model is based on a “2-in-the-box” structure where connections are established between Mu Sigma and client at an executive level, account level, and functional sub group level.

Decision Sciences @Scale Program

  • Our @Scale program is a one-week, advanced learning program designed to help clients leverage big data analytics and decision sciences for business advantage. The workshop can be conducted at the client site or in our Bangalore or Austin centers.

  • The curriculum focuses on innovation at scale, models for continuous experimentation, and data and analytical concepts that will soon become the new normal in a world where change is speeding up. We are a data analytics firm that uses real-life data and business problems to bring concepts to life.

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