Our Innovation Lab researches, prototypes, and helps deploy
the next generation business intelligence services.
It’s an open model, in collaboration with academia,
customers and technology providers to innovate in three areas.

When we think of innovation at Mu Sigma’s business intelligence services,
these are the three main areas that we focus on for our customers

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Computational Enablement

Make informed decisions

  • Scalable business intelligence and analytics services, Big Data & NoSQL technologies, GP-GPU, & High Performance Computing

  • Master Big Data Management, Cloud, and Federated Data the end of the central EDW?

  • Analytics as a Service and the Cloud

  • Open Source Maturity

  • Rise of Agile Self Service

  • Data Model Disruption, ETL vs. ELT

  • Collaboration and Re-Use

Intelligent Systems

Better insights via smarter tools

  • Operational Smart Systems are Back propagating Pervasive Analytics

  • Real Time business analytics and Event Streams

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not what we expected

  • Don’t forget the 4th tier it’s Juicy

  • Metaheuristics and the Ants

  • Operational Analytics, You are the Exception

  • Experiments in the Enterprise and the Quasi

  • Just Say No to OLS

  • Energy Informatics is Radiating

  • Business intelligence and analytics

  • Break the golden chains with BPM

  • Devices with the Pi and the Bones

Usability & Visualization

Simplified understanding using a new visual language

  • Dashboards will Evolve into Cockpits

  • Improved Data Visualization & Aesthetics

  • Mobile Business Intelligence services and the Integration of Consumer & Enterprise Devices

  • Graph Analytics sparked by Social Data

  • Gamification: Do you want to play a game?

  • Augmented/Virtual Reality/Natural User Interfaces

  • Computational Geometry enabled by Big Data Technology