Accelerating Research using ML and NLP

  • March 5th, 2020

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) serve as a conduit of information and awareness between pharma companies and consumers, especially during a pandemic. They can also catalyze the development and delivery of effective drugs.

A leading pharma company wanted to expand its R&D database by mining through English and Japanese KOL content from the same platform. Mu Sigma utilized ML and NLP to create a single-point search that automates and enhances the search strategy across databases in both languages.

We devised a search platform superimposed on the existing search engine to pull Japanese articles from an English search. Starting with the Universal Medical Language System Metathesaurus, we contextually aligned all the data from both languages using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Further, we collated it into a list for use in a search engine.

This solution:
• Matches Japanese and English results based on more factors than matching terms
• Is scalable to more languages

The R&D wing of this pharma leader saw a 17% increase in identification of KOLS for just one specific disease area and significantly lowered costs of dependencies of subject matter experts.

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