In response to rising seller dissatisfaction and abusive buyer behavior, Mu Sigma implemented strategic solutions for a leading e-commerce platform, successfully mitigating these challenges.



Solution Category

Seller Experience

We created a robust framework to define Bad Selling Experiences (BSE) by analyzing historical interactions between buyers and sellers. This framework established a global metric, applicable across diverse organizations, regularly monitored on a weekly basis to assess the impact of new initiatives.

In addition, a proactive framework was developed to automatically suspend abusive buyers on our platform, establishing heuristic-based rules to maintain a secure and positive environment.

Furthermore, we introduced a trust score metric derived from sellers’ transaction history. Sellers with high trust scores became eligible for refunds through a strategic “refund campaign,” enhancing the overall seller experience.

Business Impact

  • 2000

    Abusive buyers automatically suspended

  • 10%

    Reduction in seller detractors

  • $2M

    More revenue to small businesses on the platform

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