To resolve pricing analysis, previously reliant on costly third-party vendors, a US food manufacturing client established an in-house team for enhanced accuracy and cost-effectiveness


Food Manufacturer

Solution Category

Pricing Demand Analytics

As a food manufacturer, strategic pricing is crucial for sustaining demand, whether during promotions or at regular times. Previously, the client relied on third-party vendors for pricing analysis, which proved costly. Recognizing the need for a more cost-effective and scalable solution, the client established an in-house team capable of conducting accurate and scalable pricing analysis.

The Mu Sigma team conducted an in-depth study of factors impacting product pricing and demand, developing price elasticity models to analyze customer responses, uncovering a strong correlation between socio-economic status and price sensitivity, and identifying diverse reactions to price adjustments among consumer segments.

Our structured approach enabled the client to implement targeted trade promotions, resulting in an 8% revenue increase, improved understanding of sales-influencing factors, and enhanced demand forecast accuracy through product-category level price sensitivity analysis.

Business Impact

  • 8%

    Increase in sales

  • More Accurate

    Demand Forecasting

  • Lower Expenses

    Of in-house Pricing Analysis

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