A new breed of company requires a new breed of employees

We’re a data analytics company that's part design studio, part research lab, part data factory.

As such, big data analytics companies need business analysts, applied mathematicians, programmers and intelligent tech to support them. While most firms separate these into three distinct roles, we need them combined into one.

We call them Decision Scientists.

But decision scientists don't exist, we make them

While growing up, you were rewarded for finding the right answers – not for asking the right questions.You were most likely trained in an individual discipline – seeking expertise.

As a result, data analytics companies have a shortage of the right analytical talent required to deal with today's complexity.

Hence we decided to do something about it. We launched Mu Sigma University which coaches its people to become decision scientists in data driven behavioral analytics, financial analytics, big data analytics software, business decisions and more. It also keeps them up to date on the top big data analytics industry trends forming world class analytical and consulting skills.

Mu Sigma University

Established exclusively for Mu Sigma employees, MSU is a groundbreaking learning and career development program for data driven decision sciences.

Here you will engage in courses taught by actual Mu Sigma practitioners, and participate in hands-on, experiential projects under their mentorship.

The MSU curriculum

MSU is the starting point for all new Mu Sigmans

The Columbus Program

All new hires from university begin their Mu Sigma experience with a multimonth induction into MSU. For those from outside of India, we call it the Columbus Program, named after the wayward explorer.

Fast forward to the 21st century and India is much more than a pivotal point in the spice trade. It’s a rich source of talent, ideas, and startups. All of our decision scientists need to experience it before they enter the world of data science consulting.

The Columbus Program brings US new hires to Bangalore, our hub of innovation and scale, for a combination of training, work, and fun. It is the only comprehensive university experience provided by one of the top data analytics companies in 2019.

decision scientist

Learn and work alongside 3,500 Mu Sigma colleagues

Rotate across problems faced by 140+ of the Fortune 500

Explore labs where we research what’s next

Experience a country of rich history and innovation

Meet some of our People

  • The Go-Getter

    Whether it's for her clients or her colleagues, she has a unique way of making things happen and getting things done. Read where her energetic attitude has landed her.

    Anila Rao’S STORY
  • The back-bencher

    Read about the journey of an engineer who went from synthesizing asprin in a laboratory to commingling complexities of the corporate world

    Nihar Vakil’S STORY
  • The Shot Caller

    Ambitious and challenging, yet a great learning, read about Justin's life changing experiences at Mu Sigma that shaped his dream

    Justin Ryan Page’S STORY
  • The Explorer

    From working on prototypes to introducing Mu Sigma to prospective joinees, read how Mridula's energy and enthusiasm helped her experience a variety of roles in the company

    Mridula Nair’S STORY

Mu Sigma, the world’s largest data analytics company is filled with paradoxes. We are

Methodical and Vibrant

We’re methodical and deliberate in the work we do for clients. But it’s a vibrant workplace. Whether onsite with clients or in our delivery center in Bangalore, the buzz and energy on “the floor” are palpable.

Irreverent and Humble

We don’t fear the business problems we face, nor do we always hold the tried-n-true methods of the past in high regard. But we’re humble enough to know that we don’t possess all the answers.

Geeky and Cool

We’re proud of our math and engineering roots. After all, our name stands for mean and standard deviation. So we acknowledge that we’re a bunch of data driven and analytical geeks. But we know that geeky is cool in this world of fast pace change.

The concept of Trimurti in Mu Sigma

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva synergize to complete the universal cycle of creation, preservation and eventually, productive destruction or transformation. Each member of Mu Sigma’s leadership team is assigned to one of the following clans:

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