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Marvin Minsky is no more. What do we feel when a great person and a great mind is no more? I felt sadness when Feynman died. I felt a sense of betrayal when Robin Williams died. I also felt a sense of regret, when Marvin Minsky died, a feeling of an unexplainable loss, an invitation to reflect on how I encountered him...

Innovation & Development

As the frontrunners of Decision Sciences and analytics, we at Mu Sigma thrive on innovation as the engine for profitable growth and sustenance. Our team of trained decision scientists form part of the Innovation and Development group that engages in researching, prototyping and deploying the next generation analytics solutions.

Customer Case Studies

During the economic downturn, the client needed to improve their collections and recovery process as more of their customer experienced economic hardships. The solution framework enabled the client to reduce their cost of early stage collections by more than 35% while maintaining their current collection rate.

Learning Together

Regardless of the organization that you work for, chances are that you use dashboards to display and deploy metrics. The technology for building dashboards has continuously evolved, so much so that it is now possible for a non-technical person to "build" a dashboard. Despite their ubiquity, whether dashboards have been able to achieve their utmost potential is subject to debate.

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