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Safa Saifudeen

A Creative
  • 2016

    Joined Mu Sigma as a Trainee Decision Scientist as part of campus recruitment

  • 2017

    Worked in the internal products team to help design and implement automated processes across delivery

  • 2018

    Moved to delivery and worked with an engagement to solve problems within the supply chain space and aided business development efforts to expand into other function areas

  • 2019

    Moved to an engagement as a team lead in a team of ~25 analysts working towards generating Real World Evidence for safety, clinical, medical affairs and other stakeholders

Growing up, I wanted to be everything. I’ve wanted to be an astronaut, an automobile mechanic, a psychiatrist, a geneticist, an English teacher, a journalist, a programmer, even a clarinet player in a marching band. I’ve always had extremely varied interests and constantly felt pulled in many directions.

Where I‌ am today, is a little closer to the everything I’ve wanted. At Mu Sigma, I’ve been able to explore a bit of everything, and really, almost “prototype” my career choices.

The first time I‌ heard about the company, it sounded just like the kind of challenge I‌ wanted – high learning curve, and the opportunities Mu Sigma seemed to offer in terms of what role you want to play, resonated with me. I was heading towards a post-grad when I‌ first got the job offer and decided it might just be fun to give the whole work scene a shot before I went on with post-grad. And three and half years later, there is no looking back.

My journey in Mu Sigma started out as a Trainee Decision Scientist with Products, where I worked in Product Engagement. I was pushed out of my comfort zone in so many ways. I interacted with internal delivery teams, on-sites and client teams while working on commercializing our in-house automation platform.

Deeply hands-on and involved with building real solutions for clients – coding in R, Python and interacting with cloud-based systems, and I’ve slowly moved towards business development as the business side of things was very appealing to me, and now I lead a team of my own – which has helped me explore leadership and team-building concepts.

I now work in the healthcare industry and since then, I’ve interacted with two of the major healthcare device manufacturers in the world, building experience in the supply chain management as well as epidemiology, safety and real-world evidence.

One of the best things that Mu Sigma has done for me is to help me explore the analytical side of my mind. We’ve always placed huge importance on identifying the right questions and I think that has shaped me both in my personal and professional life.

While working with the Fortune 150 clients, I’ve also been involved in initiatives like muPathshala and our internal Improv club, which introduced me to brilliant people, and taught me things I reuse in my day-to-day work.

Mu Sigma turned out to be a sandpit where I‌ was surrounded by extremely interesting minds, thoughts, and ideas, and encouragement to always push the limits. It has pushed me to always lookout for the next thing. Interacting with all sorts of people, including business clients with so much more expertise has given me so many opportunities to learn, and I’ve attempted to seize them all.

I get my thrills out of conversation. The tougher the better. When I‌ pull off a critical business conversation, or I’m able to engage a large audience of researchers and experts in a discussion over a voice call, it’s exhilarating.

Being here for over three and a half years, I’ve been able to truly understand and imbibe all of Mu Sigma’s ecosystem, and that’s how we intend every person here to be. To be able to ensure holistic and truly customized solutions that cater to an organization’s individual needs. We are constantly in learning mode – investing time and effort into learning, even during a regular workday and not limited to MSU.

Mu Sigma has given me space to grow. There’s always been a new opportunity to grab, there’s always been some amazing minds to pick, and there’s always been support. It has been my safety net that lets me do crazy things and fail, and more importantly, learn.

Sristhti Ramakant Gupta

The Seeker
  • 2014

    Joined Mu Sigma as a Trainee Decision Scientist & worked in a pilot engagement with a leading Financial Services giant

  • 2015

    Became the team lead for a new pilot project with the same client and was involved in various org building activities. Entered a phase of exploring and testing ideas of Mu Sigma in the years to come

  • 2016

    Moved to leading a highly complex engagement with the Advanced Retail Analytics division of a Sports & Apparel giant

  • 2017

    Led the DQM team in the same logo and worked towards building a strong Business Development engine for the account

  • 2018

    Led (as an Apprentice Leader) and successfully converted a pilot engagement for a new logo with a leading Telecom giant

  • 2019

    Scaled & strengthened relationships with the new logo while also starting involvement in building upon established relationships with another key Telecom client. Moved to a new Business Unit to start heading fulfillment across three logos

I’m Srishti Gupta an Apprentice Leader @ Mu Sigma. Like most other millennials starting their ‘real-life’ after college, I was anxious and deep down scared about the future. Throughout school and college, I was constantly seeking for something – developed love for cooking, fitness, painting, ‘perfect grades’ to join that Ivy league university among many others. Post engineering is when Mu Sigma happened to me, by chance. The idea slowly started seeking me and before I realized, it became an integral part of my life.

In hindsight, the journey over the last 5 years has been challenging however very gratifying. I’ve had a steep learning curve in my stint with Mu Sigma so far through the exposure I’ve received here. I’ve worked with the most successful companies in the world across domains ranging from BFSI, Retail, to Telecom in helping them solve a wide spectrum of problems. In my journey so far, I’ve constantly tried to push myself into newer and tougher situations – be it leading different nature of projects, running and winning pilots, to participating in initiatives across Mu Sigma. I’ve also received the right guidance & exposure along the way.

And all of this has helped instill immense confidence in me.

Very early into my professional stint with Mu Sigma, I got the opportunity to run an e2e show of converting a new logo as the Apprentice Leader of the team. The challenge was big – purely AoPS based, a 3-month problem design pilot. To add on the challenge, this was to be executed in a new, complicated, and expertise-driven domain of ‘Network Backbone Engineering’ – something Mu Sigma has never done before. Skepticism around converting this logo was very high. The journey to making this reach a stage of giving us over 1.5 Mil USD annually was gratifying.

Mu Sigma is an organization makes you think and question very hard, which doesn’t let you rest in your comfort zone, it pushes you to become a better leader every day and is extremely unique and refreshing in its management principles and leadership style. The cross-culture experience and environment helps you mature much ahead of time, thus making one a powerful player in the business world.

This organization has not only given me the confidence to take on challenges and adapt to any situations at work but has heavily influenced my principles and outlook towards the world in general. I was also lucky enough to meet a like-minded Mu Sigman along the way who ended up being my husband. What keeps me going is the idea of Mu Sigma and the excitement of being a part of building a successful next-gen institution.