A structured approach to problem definition that will lead you to the right design
for your problem solving efforts.

Encode problems in a way that
promotes the best design



Just as every living being has an underlying DNA that encodes its key traits,
so does every business problem. We’ve encoded more than 10,000 business problems
using muPDNA™. In this case, a problem’s DNA has three elements:

Pushes you to front-load your thinking and have constructive debates earlier in the problem solving process – so that rework is avoided later.

Helps you visualize all dimensions of the problem, to ensure maximum flow of information to relevant stakeholders, as well as uncover latent aspects of the problem.

Enables you to comb through potential solutions to assess the efficiency and effectiveness with which the problem can be solved.

How does muPDNA™ support the analytics value chain?

Surface and address underlying business issues rather than symptoms.

Ask better questions instead of jumping to conclusions.

Uncover data gaps and remedial steps earlier in the process.

Standardize problem definitions in a common language and shared repository.

Collaborate with multiple stakeholders in the problem definition process.

How others have used muPDNA™

"Your Problem DNA approach gave us a systematic way to decompose the problem space, and identify those opportunities with the greatest business potential. The business impact has been impressive; we were able to quickly identify $1.4 million in fraud waste and abuse. Building on our success, we are now poised to scale the analytics solution into other regions of the world."

Executive, Product Development

Global Insurance Company

"We are breaking down the walls of our organizations and creating interconnected teams. In addition, we are also including new disciplines like design and design thinking. And it is excited to see Mu Sigma in sync with that design thinking mindset."


A leading bank

“I just want to express how pleased I am with the partnership we have established this past year. Your company has substantially increased the ability of my team to provide dynamic, actionable insights to the business group we support. Your strong statistical expertise, reliable and responsive service, and strategic thinking are greatly valued by us. The way you define and represent a business problem is quite exciting. Thanks again for your support.”

Director, Market Research

A large software company

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