Our Enterprise Signal Platform operationalizes real time and batch
analytics through a lifecycle spanning data capture, data processing,
and deployment of analytical tasks to help generate business insights

What is muESP™?

Encompassing multiple data sources/streams, analytical and complex statistical models, muESP™ provisions a distributed computing backbone and embedded advanced analytics engine which can be easily implemented on commodity hardware to deploy analytics at scale

muESP™ has three modules

Reduce decision making latency by taking actions in response
to business events when they occur

When large volumes of data, either structured or unstructured, streams in at high speeds, processing the data and making decisions quickly can be overwhelming for an analyst. muStream™ helps streamline this process by identifying early trends and generating actionable alerts in real time with the aid of a multi agent based system, one of the core capabilities of the muESP™ platform. muStream™ systematizes the practice of knowledge discovery from incoming streaming data while ensuring transparency of the analytical methodology and techniques employed in doing so.

An automated workbench that creates, deploys, and executes analytical workflows for data in a batch paradigm. Powered by a simple drag-and-drop interface, muFlow™ leverages the BPMN 2.0 standard to optimize man-machine interaction. muFlow™ enables more rapid analytics automation, and brings process management discipline to analytics. It allows reusable code and components through its meta-node repository enabling the reuse and scale of analytics efforts in your organization.

A user interface design, prototyping and deployment solution for enterprise class analytical applications. Business analysts and application developers can leverage this tool to convert design ideas into compelling visual interfaces. As a quick UI building tool which helps discover insights through visualizations, the tool requires minimal JavaScript coding experience.

Sample applications built using muESP™

Reduce decision making latency by taking actions in response
to business events when they occur

muBUZZ™ is a social media application which leverages the power of muESP™ to consume unstructured text data from Twitter and perform text mining (Topic Modelling, Sentiment Analysis and Trend Evolution) to generate insights in real time.

A financial data application, which leverages the power of muESP™ platform to consume ticker data from 32 different ETF’s listed on the New York Stock Exchange and harnesses complex modelling and visualization algorithms to help generate trading insights in real time.

muIoT™, Mu Sigma’s Internet of Things, is based on a scalable solution framework to solve complex business problems across industries. This framework brings a holistic Decision Sciences approach integrating hardware, Software and analytical aspects. This solution focuses on deploying on edge devices to analyze data which was unavailable before. muIoT™ leverages the muESP™ platform enabled with state of the art architecture and design for deployment and monitoring purposes.

How can muESP™
generate Customer Value?

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