A Machine Learning platform built over Spark and Hadoop, that crunches Big Data and Fast Data from myriad data sources, written in Scala

A comprehensive statistical and data analytics platform needs to…

machine learning consulting

  • Crunch big data with high volume, velocity and variety

  • Create, store, evaluate, and manage a variety of machine learning models

  • Work on all types of data: Structured, Semi-Structured, and Unstructured

  • Have a flexible architecture that can easily integrate with any GUI engine

  • Ingest data from myriad data sources

muHPC’s versatile list of algorithms leverage the power of parallel computation and artificial intelligence

big data analytics

Leverage muHPC™ to accelerate your big data analytics.

machine learning consulting - scalability


Meet your business needs and expanding workloads

machine learning consulting - concurrency


Concurrent machine learning job execution leading to much faster turnaround time

machine learning consulting - savings


Save your time and investment in coding expertise

machine learning consulting - maintainability


Adaptive, corrective, and preventive

machine learning consulting - cloud readiness

Cloud Readiness

Easy deployment on the cloud

machine learning consulting - flexibility


Easy integration with other services and applications

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