An advanced social media analytics platform combining machine learning and human intelligence to go well beyond traditional methods of monitoring.

muFusion™ gathers and analyzes data from millions of sources across the Internet, including a robust and real-time Twitter firehose, and historical data back to 2006.

Beyond traditional social media listening

The Deep Dive dashboard offers analysis of large volumes of social media data in a single screen allowing users to take better decisions, easily. It offers actionable insights based on sentiments, influencers, consumer intent, demographics, geography, language, source channels and more. The comprehensive dashboard also allows users to slice and dice the data using multiple filter and query options.

The Competitive Benchmarking dashboard allows business leaders to visually understand how competitors are performing across social media channels and geographical regions. The analytical capabilities help users objectively evaluate brand and competitive activity against the industry backdrop. These analyses give much needed perspectives that drive decision making.

The comparative dashboard provides a longitudinal measurement that analyzes the campaign performance over time and shows change in important metrics. This comparison of present performance against a benchmark of past achievements sets the context for future targets. Corporations can also understand seasonal trends and how they affect revenue numbers

The Influencer analysis dashboard offers a complete list of the most influential people and publishers as well as shared links across multiple social channels. The influencers are identified by calculating their impact scores based on multiple factors such as their Reach and ability to drive Engagement on Social channels. muFusion Social also allows you to build influencers’ profile and analyze their previous publishing activity. Identifying and engaging with influencers can enable enterprises build their online brand reputation, control and restore damage caused by unexpected crisis and generate leads.

How others have used muFusion™

"Agile culture is the most sustainable requisite for organizations and how they operate. Simplicity is a part of this agile culture, it’s about multidisciplinary teams. It resonates with the Mu Sigma culture. It’s about getting teams up and running quickly, doing activity and learning from that activity"


A leading financial services company

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