A Machine Learning platform built over Spark and Hadoop, that crunches Big Data and Fast Data from myriad data sources, written in Scala

A comprehensive statistical and data analytics platform needs to…

  • Crunch big data with high volume, velocity and variety

  • Create, store, evaluate, and manage a variety of machine learning models

  • Work on all types of data: Structured, Semi-Structured, and Unstructured

  • Have a flexible architecture that can easily integrate with any GUI engine

  • Ingest data from myriad data sources

muHPC’s versatile list of algorithms leverage the power of parallel computation and artificial intelligence


Leverage muHPC™ to accelerate your big data analytics.


Meet your business needs and expanding workloads


Concurrent machine learning job execution leading to much faster turnaround time


Save your time and investment in coding expertise


Adaptive, corrective, and preventive

Cloud Readiness

Easy deployment on the cloud


Easy integration with other services and applications

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