muPathshala: Building Future-Ready talent in Decision Sciences

  • August 5th, 2019

To make this real, Mu Sigma conceptualized the muPathshala program to create a new league of students that are ready to tackle real-world problems. Today’s academia educates students, but does not expose them to real business, real customers, real problems, and real data, creating a wide gap between the knowledge they possess and the skills the industry demands of them. Through its unique, rigorous, interdisciplinary approach, muPathshala aims to bridge this gap.

To stay relevant and thrive in a hyper-competitive environment, students must have the ability to learn, unlearn, and relearn quickly to reach a state we call beingFUTURE-READY, a state which needs not just rigorous training in the right skillset and toolset, but a conscious change in the student’s problem-solving mindset.

Being future ready requires real time problem solving skills, along with

·         A mindset of asking the right questions

·         The ability to create innovative solutions through repeated experimentation, and

·         An interdisciplinary approach to problem solving

A specially designed program for high school students, muPathshala complements textbook education with real-world, interdisciplinary problem-solving skills across Math, Business, Technology, and Design Thinking to make them future ready. The program gives them accelerated learning in Decision Sciences and Analytics, covering the building blocks of problem-solving through Mu Sigma’s proprietary ‘Art of Problem Solving’ framework.

Spread over 5 weeks, the program includes classroom sessions coupled with field visits to Mu Sigma. Students are grouped in teams and assigned real-world mini-projects with real data to work on, and subsequently present their approach and insights to Mu Sigma Decision Sciences Practitioners, getting a chance to periodically interact with Mu Sigma’s Founder and the Leadership Team in the process.

On clearing the final presentation, students graduate with a Beginner’s Decision Sciences Certification from Mu Sigma. Evaluated on their discipline, appetite for innovation, creativity, reusability of solution, and engagement, muPathshala promises to be a grueling test of the student’s grit and learning abilities.

Launching on the 24th of May at Inventure Academy, Bangalore, the first day of muPathshala saw enthusiastic kids being addressed by Sridhar Turaga, Mu Sigma’s Head of Innovation, who talked about the fascinating impact of data in a fast changing world.