Turbocharging Supply Chains with High-Quality Data (DaaS)

Turbocharging Supply Chains with High-Quality Data (DaaS)
  • February 6th, 2020

The backbone of a highly functional supply chain is a robust and agile data supply chain. The latter must feed actionable decisions and real-time insights into the physical supply chain for rapid delivery and re-alignment, especially in the aftermath of a shock event.

An unstructured, siloed data lake and error-prone data pipelines were impeding the SCM operations of a renowned food products manufacturer. They approached Mu Sigma to engineer a data architecture that would serve as a resilient backbone for their supply chain.

Mu Sigma proposed a Data as a Service (DaaS) solution to holistically solve their data issues. We delivered a powerful data engine which offered not only a planned and high-quality data repository but also distinct advantages like:
• Self-serve capabilities for end-users
• Re-usable data assets that reduce MVP development time
• Data health monitoring
• Automatic email alerts in case of data issues
• Standardization of KPI calculations

The deployment of a data engine is the first milestone in institutionalizing data-driven decision-making within this food products giant’s ecosystem. As some immediate wins, it has:
• Reduced MVP development time by 3-4 sprints
• Has established a repository of 600+ re-usable data assets
• Has helped correct errors in existing data pipelines and more

A complete transformation of their core data processes is underway and will enable action-oriented supply chain analytics on the fly with a single source of truth.

Download the case study to know more.