Personalized Campaign Management Powered by Data

  • January 28th, 2020

It’s time you get to know your customers better.
They inch closer to a conversion every time they receive a highly relevant offer. Creating personalized omnichannel experiences for customers can help retailers retain and expand their share of wallet.

A leading membership-based retailer was targeting customers with common campaigns that didn’t resonate with them. This reflected as low membership renewal rates. More than just a solution, they were looking for a thought transformation to:
• Improve customer retention
• Increase purchase frequency

Mu Sigma delivered a comprehensive Targeted Campaign Management framework.
This tool enables holistic campaign management including planning, launch, and monitoring. Through an outcome-driven Art of Problem Solving, we meticulously implemented some crucial capabilities:
• Customer segmentation – Whom to offer to
• Product recommendations – What to offer them
• Automated lifecycle management — When to offer them

This Targeted Campaign Management tool reduced campaign design and rollout time by 80%. The highly relevant recommendations and membership renewal reminders sent through 80M+ messages over customers’ platform of choice have attracted incremental annual revenue of over $10M.

Download the case study to know more.

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