Management Reporting for a Large Food Products Manufacturing

  • February 3rd, 2020

The Problem
Data-driven decision making is no longer an enabler, but a core competency for every organization doing business in the AI era. To enable this, a large food products manufacturer wanted to create a granular reporting framework by leveraging cloud and to move away from complex legacy systems. The existing infrastructure made it difficult to consume business insights and derive real business value.

The Mu Sigma Approach
Mu Sigma used a first principles thinking approach to understand the interconnected nature of the problem space. This was done by conducting design-thinking workshops with the client and used 16 key reports to prototype a solution model. Mock-ups were built on Tableau to prototype the models that could integrate all the data together.
We delivered an Azure cloud solution that harmonizes data from various legacy systems in order to provide insights to the Tableau team, who then make it ready to be consumed by users. The solution created was fully automated and scalable for further and more extensive use within the company.

The Impact
Tracking of budgets for accounts throughout the year
Enabled reporting capability for business to understand historical trends for shipped and future open orders
High level view of how the business is doing through the shipped and open orders at high level and comparison to IBP and last year

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