Accelerated Research Powered by Design Thinking and Digital Transformation

  • April 13th, 2020

A true digital transformation in a legacy organization can only be driven by a strong mental model shift towards adopting digital tools. To reinforce this driving force, they need a bottom-up transformation roadmap – one that starts by forward-looking digitization of smaller processes culminating in a complete, yet seamless digital transformation of a business function.

A chemical manufacturer wanted to digitize the research requests to 20 years worth of research data stored in a staggered and non-standardized manner. Enabling a user-friendly and effective database search would require extracting image elements in bulk from images of various qualities and formats.

We designed and developed a web-based digital database that supports elastic text and image searches built on:
• An ensemble image processing algorithm to extract features from images of widely different varieties, quickly and efficiently
• An automation script to convert legacy image data to a consumable format
• Standardized reports and image naming conventions to enable quick retrieval
Over an above, we implemented cognitive and multi-spot search on past data to provide the new researchers with directional guidance and catalyze their research.

This research catalyst has doubled the speed of results delivery and paved the way for digital transformation in their other verticals by demonstrating success at each step. At a time when a shock event has demanded increased digital adoption, this has accelerated their shock response as well.

Download the case study to know more.

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