Determining your Analytics Maturity Level

  • BLOG
  • July 31st, 2019

Advanced analytics is a powerful tool that can be intimidating for first timers.

To take some of the apprehensions out of the journey – and make it easier to take that first step – Mu Sigma has developed an Analytics Maturity Model. This model is built to help organizations determine their current level of analytics maturity and also can build a plan for the future.

In our experience, the vast majority of companies today are still at the Analytics Laggard stage. They still make gut-based decisions, primarily because they don’t have the centralized data infrastructure required to get started with analytics. In fact, a key indicator of an organization’s progression to the second level is when it begins to manage data more effectively.

The goal of course is to get to Analytics Master, where your organization is using analytics as a strategic differentiator. This is a multi-year journey – Mu Sigma has long-time clients who are still working toward that designation. But there are significant benefits associated with each promotion through the model. The payoff begins almost immediately and accelerates as you go.