Creating Analytics Captains: How to identify analytics managers?

  • BLOG
  • July 31st, 2019

In order to support our growth and mentor our entry level analytics professionals (we think of them as analytics soldiers), it is imperative for us to build a strong team of analytics managers (we think of them as captains).However, the challenges that exist in hiring entry-level analytics professionals also exist when it comes to hiring analytics captains as well – there is a serious dearth of such talent. Only recently, some of the top business schools in the US started formalizing analytics courses in their curriculum. While the Montessori style of developing analytics soldiers has helped us attract the right talent from top colleges and groom them into good analytics professionals, it is not particularly suited to attracting and developing manager talent. To ensure we are hiring the right kind of managers, Mu Sigma has adopted a differentiated hiring program.

Our interview process doesn’t look for “analytics” experience. We look for professionals from different industries with a good pedigree, an appetite for problem solving and an interest in working with leading businesses from multiple industries.

Our interview process starts with a case study, which is mailed to the prospective candidates. They are expected to solve the business case in 72 hours. Candidates are evaluated on their resourcefulness and ability to solve the problem from an industry that they are not necessarily familiar with in the stipulated time. The shortlisted candidates are then flown to our offices for one whole day of grueling interview process that includes several individual and group activities. During the course of the day, they are tested for their design thinking concepts, ability to work in teams, synthesize and present results and leadership skills. The process ends with a few rounds of personal interviews.

We hire successful professionals from different industries with a good appreciation for business, math and technology and are willing to learn and grow into analytics captains.