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From hating maths and a 9-5 job to handling a large portfolio of analytics projects, read Prateek's journey of self-realization

Prateek Panchratana

Our very own Aviator
  • 2011

    Joined Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst and worked with multiple financial services and retail clients

  • 2013

    Promoted to Senior Business Analyst, led engagements with 4-5 member teams in various industry verticals while also training in the MSU

  • 2014

    Moved to Sydney as an Associate for an Australian Insurer and Bank

  • 2016

    Now an Engagement Manager, driving a portfolio of projects and marketing initiatives in the region

Q & A with Prateek Panchratana

While pursuing my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, I never developed an interest for Mathematics as such. Also, I was a little fickle minded about what to do in life. During my college, I got a chance to be involved with numerous non-academic activities such as working with student bodies, youth organisations and NGOs. In one of those events, I worked on a project which was around understanding the marketing analytics of a particular campaign. I loved the experience and thought this is something I’d like to do. After graduating, I had a brief stint with a large, traditional organisation where I did not fit in the regular 9-5 role. Then I joined Mu Sigma in 2011 and instantly loved it. The energy, the people and the unconventional thinking made sure there wasn’t a dull day at work. I have always believed in the power of data driven decision making and aspire to be a leader in driving decision sciences in public policy and not for profit areas.

I joined Mu Sigma in 2011. Since then, I have worked across multiple functional areas with some of the biggest U.S banks, insurers and retailers. It helped sharpen my skills in various aspects of math, business and technology. Also, early in my career I got a chance to talk to senior corporate executives during our daily and weekly catch-up calls. By 2013, I started managing a large team and steered projects single handedly for the client. I learned more than I ever expected. In 2014, I relocated to Sydney, the client location for an exciting role where our leadership team supported me throughout. I worked hard and have enjoyed every bit of my job. In 2016, I was promoted to an Engagement Manager and now I manage a portfolio of interesting projects that drive huge value to the clients. For me there’s never been a dull day at Mu Sigma.

Mu Sigma has provided a lot of exposure in various aspects of business and the overall experience at Mu Sigma has definitely given me a personality boost. Mu Sigma has taught me to form meaningful connections both personally and professionally, understand the bigger picture and at the same time drill down to specific details. It has helped me develop a unique persona. As a result, I have started to rationally question every decision of my life- a very important but often overlooked skill.

Non-traditional, disruptive, full of energy, one of a kind.

A large financial services company was struggling with its analytics strategy and partnered with us for the same. The long exercise of mapping out their problem space, engaging multiple stakeholders to define the problems, understanding the gaps in the business was a great experience. We delivered a robust solution which now solves multiple problems under the purview of a singular lens. The stakeholders were quite appreciative of this particular objective and could see continuous benefits delivered by this program.

The most exhilarating moment for me was winning a tough RFP with a large client. We worked hard for about a month, making it through multiple rounds and finally getting selected as a strategic partner. We have been working with this client for over 3 years now and have solved a pipeline of business problems.

If I am not solving problems for my clients, I am generally flying a 2-seater sports plane in the skies of Sydney (sometimes inverted!).

Ambitious and challenging, yet a great learning, read about Saurin's life changing experiences at Mu Sigma that shaped his dream

Saurin Parikh

The Risk Taker
  • 2012

    Joined Mu Sigma as a business analyst and worked for a large e-commerce retail account

  • 2013

    Joined Mu Sigma Sales team as a “Sales Ambassador”

  • 2014

    Promoted to Senior Sales Ambassador

  • 2015

    Promoted to Regional lead and managing a team of 4 focused on new business in West Coast

Q & A with Saurin Parikh

As an individual I try to stay motivated and dedicate myself one hundred percent to whatever I take on. I like taking calculated risks, and doing all it takes to achieve my dreams. I believe in living life to the fullest.


On the professional realm, I have always been fascinated by the idea of building, growing and sustaining a business. I love the opportunities that the growth story brings with it. For instance, the environment in Mu Sigma is fast paced and requires us to fail fast and learn, it teaches us to explore uncharted territory and question conventional wisdom. It pushes us to over achieve. Thanks to the opportunity in Mu Sigma, I can surely see myself achieving my dream - start something of my own and run a food tech company.

I started my career in Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst 3.5 years back. But when I was given a choice to pursue a career in sales, I did not hesitate to grab it. The journey has been incredible since then.

On a day-to-day basis, I get to interact with CXOs, VPS, and Directors of Fortune 500 companies and work closely with the leadership team at Mu Sigma in identifying new trends for business development. Mu Sigma has offered accelerated growth opportunities - in less than 18 months I was responsible for driving business across the entire West-Coast in the US. My journey with Mu Sigma has been extremely challenging, and a great learning ground.

This is my first job and so all that I professionally am is because of what I get to learn here. Besides, I am always a seeker of knowledge and growth. To this effect, Mu Sigma’s focus on the ability to learn, unlearn & re-learn has had a deep impact on me. I always knew I would work closely with prospective clients but I was lucky to have had the exposure so early on in my tenure. The most unexpected aspect is the relationships I have built with members of my team. Some of my closest friends are from Mu Sigma. The ecosystem here is remarkably supportive, and everyone is invested in each other’s success.

Innovative, value-driven, and ambitious and determined.

Every day at Mu Sigma brings new challenges and opportunities. But the most memorable one for me was a sales cycle that lasted 15 months, eventually resulting in an engagement into a vertical never ventured before. Despite multiple promising conversations, this particular client would go cold. Towards the last few months of the discussion, I started deliberating, reading, and researching about the company with the sole focus on closing the deal. I remember calling our head of commercial effectiveness five times a week to ensure that the proposal is more palatable to the client but not at the cost of getting into a bad engagement. One learning that I surely carry with me is to sacrifice short term results for long term gains. This particular engagement taught me another lesson – patience and persistence pays.

Although I can go on and on here, the most exhilarating moment has to be the day I closed my first deal (Fortune 10 Company and one of the most admired brands). The week before, I was mentally immobilized – the singular thought on my mind was to close the deal and that was not because I was worried but because I was constantly questioning what else I could do.

From being a wrestler at college to solving problems at Mu Sigma, read about the journey of a self-made man.

Jeremy Shoblom

The Wrestler
  • 2013

    Joined Mu Sigma as an Associate and worked for a large e-commerce account with 1 onsite/3 offshore

  • 2014

    Moved to a large retail account and worked with a team of 1 onsite/3 offshore

  • 2015

    Promoted to Engagement Manager and managing an account of 3 onsite/13 offshore

Q & A with Jeremy Shoblom

During my undergraduate studies, I supported myself by working fulltime, competed as a wrestler at the collegiate level, and participated as an active member of the economics club. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Economics, where I learned how to think outside the box with a holistic view of problem solving.

As an Engagement Manager at Mu Sigma, my holistic view of problem solving has grown tremendously, and I continue to learn new skills every day. In particular, I get to work on high impact projects with some of the largest companies in the world. As for my aspirations, I plan to eventually receive my MBA while continuing to work and grow within Mu Sigma, and retire at a young age.

I began working for Mu Sigma as an Associate and was immediately forced to get my feet wet by learning all sorts of new statistical models, coding languages, and analytical methodologies. Additionally, I was given management responsibilities and the opportunity to lead a small offshore team in India. I worked hard and learned fast. After six months I moved to a bigger account and was promoted to Engagement manager. Currently, I lead a much larger team of 13 associates offshore and 3 onsite. My team and I have provided critical analytical insight to our clients and have saved their companies millions of dollars.

My leadership and interpersonal skills have improved tremendously.  My approach to problems solving is completely different today than it was when I had just joined the brand. I have learned new statistical techniques, programming languages, and management skills.  I have also learned a lot about Indian culture in general and my favorite breakfast is now Idli, Vada and Sambar.

Mu Sigma, according to me, is a platform where there are endless possibilities for growth and change. Learning is a constant here. For example, while I currently work for a retail account, within Mu Sigma I would also be given an opportunity to explore other vertical accounts such as technology or pharmaceutical. Furthermore, there is a clear emphasis on the growth mindset Vs. a fixed mindset – enabling people to stretch themselves beyond what they believe they are capable of. This surely adds to the growth story of the company and all its employees.

An important project that I have been working on involves a tool that allows users to forecast perishable items in a store. This project started as a test-project with only 20 users, and today the number of users has grown to over 15,000 daily users. I saw this project transform from an excel tool to Tableau, and then to a full scale application built on Java. Not only was I learning the math behind the statistical algorithms, but I also learned about the technology needed for scaling up the tool, and the business importance of creating a tool that users wanted to utilize every day.

The most exhilarating moments for me have always involved traveling. I was working on a project where I was required to travel to Argentina for a week. It was a great experience working with the client face to face, while also being able to use some of the leisure time to tour the country.  This gave me a chance to experience the Argentinian culture. I loved the fact that my work and life was in harmony – I could follow my passion for travelling at the same time be working with the client to deliver impact.

If I had not been hired by Mu Sigma I would be working in the actuarial industry right now.  I was interviewing with some actuarial firms, before Mu Sigma contacted me. After speaking to people at Mu Sigma, I was convinced that this was my next step.

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