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Anila Rao

The Go-Getter
  • 2012

    Joined Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst. Worked for one of the US's largest PC manufacturers to run their end to end B2B campaign management.

  • 2014

    Promoted to Senior Business Analyst. Built strong technical capabilities providing customer centric insights for direct consumption by the Client's Sales and Marketing teams.

  • 2015

    Promoted to Team Lead and singlehandedly managed a 10 member team generating the company over 1 M USD in yearly revenue.

  • 2016

    Made a complete switch to an HR role to lead the department 'Enriching Life @ Work'. Responsible for employee engagement, internal communication & marketing. This was the year that made all the difference.

  • 2017

    Joined Mu Sigma's leadership team as the youngest member at the age of 26. Responsible for strategy and operations at an organization level.

  • 2018

    Joined the Sales team to lead the 30+ member team based out of India. Accountable for the company's growth achieved from on boarding new customers.

Q & A with Anila Rao

I am a sports person at heart. I have played 10 years of professional Table Tennis and am a National level player. Because of my sporting background I have a strong determination to win and that has trained my mind to never give up easily. Something that governs my core and makes me work hard every single day is to generate impact. Impact that is tangible; impact that can be felt. As much as I appreciate awards, recognition and titles, I can't satisfy my inner self unless I am convinced that I have created value. I believe in living in the moment, and my current aspiration is to do whatever it takes to contribute to the success of Mu Sigma. I think of this as my own company and I want my company to succeed. My role in leading the sales team has allowed me to be in a position where I can create direct impact to our growth.

Surreal. 6 years has gone by so fast - with the myriad opportunities, challenges, successes and failures. The highlight of this journey has been the various roles I have played across horizontals like, Decision Sciences, Employee Engagement, Marketing and Communication, Operations and now Sales. It's like a volley ball team where I have learnt to play at almost all positions. Now I can strategically place myself in a role that brings the greatest benefit to my company. Also through these years, I have never restricted myself just to my work. I have represented Mu Sigma in multiple sports tournaments winning titles for the company, participated in CSR activities, helped on multiple Org level initiatives, mentored new hires, worked with Marketing to create collateral, worked with Resource Management to set up systems. I truly believe, the more you do, the more you can do.

In many aspects like, keeping calm and thinking with a clear mind at almost all times, having an experimental mindset and trying out multiple solutions in a very short time, having an outcome based perspective on my actions, learning to structure and operationalize large systems. All of these have subconsciously helped me improve my daily life, my relationship with my family and friends, manage my home and my hobbies with equal gusto. Overall, Mu Sigma has made me a stronger version of myself. But truly the greatest influence Mu Sigma has had on me is the courage I have built to take on any challenge, no matter how big. My current role in Sales is a reflection of that. It has taught me to trust in my capabilities and have the belief that you will find a path, provided you work very hard.

I interpret Mu Sigma as a land of opportunities where age, gender, ethnicity, educational background etc. have no significance. What matters is your ability to grab and convert these opportunities and to let your work speak for itself.

In my role as a Decision Scientist, extracting value from a customer's journey for the right attribution to company activities and recommending the next best action from behavioral analysis. In my Employee Engagement stint, I ran the 'Bengaluru, Let’s wish' campaign to utilize Mu Sigma's Decision Sciences capability to improve the city of Bengaluru. A city wide campaign which ended in presenting our best solution to the Deputy Commissioner of Police. While helping manage the operations of the company, I have strategized and operationalized two landmark initiatives – Changing the entire company's employee work timings and setting up the wellness center in our office premises. As for my current role in leading the Sales team based out of India, I think I am doing the unimaginable – driving international sales from Bengaluru without traveling.

I must admit! It was the first time I appeared on our Leadership Org chart. I will never forget that day in Nov 2016. I was thrilled to realize that I had created significant impact and value to deserve a place on that chart. I have kept a printout of that for memory.

I thoroughly enjoy being an intrapreneur at Mu Sigma. I have a couple of ideas in mind that I wish to bring alive, maybe being an entrepreneur will be my next calling.

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Nihar Vakil

The back-bencher
  • 2015

    Joined Mu Sigma as a Junior Associate in the September batch of the Columbus Program

  • 2016

    Managed a sub-group with the world's largest telecom company with a team of 4

  • 2017

    Promoted to Associate leading sub-groups at two separate accounts in the Dallas region

  • 2018

    Accepted the role of Apprentice Engagement Manager responsible for the engagement with one of the world's premier Consumer Packaged Goods company

Q & A with Nihar Vakil

I never liked the classroom, but always loved learning. It took me a long time to realize this as well, and it wasn’t until recently that I was forced to read, yet given the time and freedom to choose my subjects. I hold a degree in Chemical Engineering, yet what really defines me is my love for acoustic music – I play the piano, movies – I watch all things Bollywood, Martial Arts – I am a Brown Belt at Judo, and my Dog – Ranchhoddas the mischievous Golden. Having left home (Mumbai) when I was 17, I flew to the United States of America to lead the ultra-independent life I wanted to have, and that is exactly what the past 8 years have gone in building. Not one to follow the norm, I had my first paid job a year before I decided to move out, as a Production Manager in a startup theatre company which has now become a popular creative engine in India. Ever since, there has not been a time when I haven’t been actively employed. Ultimately true to my Indian roots, I am still heavily emotionally attached to my family back in Mumbai and aspire to be back some day to run the family business.

Mu Sigma is my first full time engagement. I was hired directly from Ohio State University and chose to join for one very simple reason – I would get to visit India for an extended period of time. The balance between my two homes was something I was looking for, and I feel lucky to have found it. The Columbus Program, all its intricacies and quirks included, was a humbling albeit character building experience. Living a college lifestyle even after graduating, in a new space, surrounded by a special breed of humans – those who were comfortable in being uncomfortable, each with fresh attitudes and perspectives, was a journey unparalleled. My Mu Sigma journey has taken me from a Junior Associate to Associate to Apprentice Engagement Manager, working with multiple clients and across multiple projects. Doesn’t feel like it will end here, either, because Mu Sigma is just so much fun to work in.

The company inherently does wonders to you because of the boldness of its character. It gives you the opportunity to observe and experience the real world first hand, from clients who are leaders from huge corporations. This influences you directly and heavily. Confidence that would otherwise stay dormant, now oozes in abundance. Business is all about people, and the types of different people you can encounter is equivalent to the earth’s population. Mu Sigma has allowed me to have an unmatched number of interactions with various minds, and I am learning different ways of dealing with people in the process. The philosophy behind Mu Sigma is not one that should be limited to its walls. I can now say “I don’t know” without any hesitation, because I know that I have all the resources available to me to learn.

Mu Sigma is young and scrappy. Mu Sigma is curious and restless.

One of the world’s largest Consumer Packaged Goods companies wanted to get ahead of the market and identify various snacking trends much before they matured. They wanted to capitalize on those trends by being the first multinational to take them mainstream. Mu Sigma built an org-wide consumable tool that latches on to these trends from all over the globe and suggests how nascent or established they are in their life cycle. The tool also forecasts the length of the trend’s life span. Outputs from this are currently being used to make decisions on multiple mergers and acquisitions.

At Mu Sigma, every experience is a mini roller coaster, but the one that vividly stands out for me is my first day in the Mu Sigma office in Bangalore – not knowing what to expect, we walk in escorted by a senior mentor to an open floor full of Mu Sigmans doing things that needed to get done. The energy was infectious.

Ice cream connoisseur.

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Justin Ryan Page

The Shot Caller
  • 2015

    Joined Mu Sigma in early 2015 where I was part of the second full time Columbus program and spent 6 months in India. After completing my journey, I joined an engagement with a large retailer and e-commerce company

  • 2016

    Began leading a new and larger team centered around supply chain management and optimization with the retail and ecommerce company, further expanding my experience and opening new learnings along the way

  • 2017

    Promoted to Associate and led a team with another coworker of 17 offshore team members tackling merchandising and operations problems for the organization, ranging from immediate turn around requests as well as long term strategy

  • 2018

    Promoted to Apprentice Engagement Manager and transferred to one of the world largest insurance providers to manage the engagement and lead all day to day project steps and activities

Q & A with Justin Ryan Page

A graduate of Rutgers University with a background in Supply Chain Management, I worked with two Fortune 500 companies prior to joining Mu Sigma. After leaving college, I realized that I wanted to continue solving problems, working with a large organization. My interest in learning new things and the opportunity to create change made Mu Sigma the ideal place for me to grow. The skills I have learnt and experiences I have had in my 3.5 years here have given me an edge over those I graduated with, as well as memories I will never forget.

Joining in February 2015, I had the opportunity to be a part of the second Columbus batch to stay in India. Since then, I had the opportunity to work with two clients: the largest retailer in the world and the largest healthcare insurance provider in the world. I have gained a wide set of skills and experiences across both eco-systems and gained industry knowledge that would take individuals decades to obtain.

The company has shown me what my true potential is. It has taught me to not be afraid of learning and taking on something I am not familiar with. It has also given me the opportunity to explore areas I would not have tried to learn about on my own. From leadership abilities to analytical and problem-solving skills, the company has shaped me into a completely new individual for the better.

Mu Sigma is the 21st century detective agency. We solve problems and find solutions. It's as simple as that.

I worked with a retail client on creating a Decision Board for them which dealt with futuristic and technological advances in its stores. The specialty of this project was the fact that it was envisioned by the CEO of the E-Commerce division, whose team went through our visualizations to make their decisions.

A request by the CMO of a large corporation, who needed an analysis to be done within 2 hours for presenting in a board meeting. Although it was very stressful and required a lot of work to be done in analysis and visualization, the reward and satisfaction of completing the ask was something I will never forget.

I would most likely be in Graduate school pursuing my PH.D. I have a passion for both teaching and learning, and would be taking strides to pursue options that would most likely lead to becoming a professor.

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Mridula Nair

The Explorer
  • 2015

    Joined as a Trainee Decision Scientist and started working on a prototype with the pharmacy division of one of the world's largest retailers

  • 2016

    Promoted to Decision Scientist and found an opportunity to work in the Founder's Office on a number of initiatives to enable quick turn-around times for projects in delivery

  • 2017

    Worked on an initiative to incorporate problem solving in undergraduate education. In parallel, took on the responsibility of introducing Mu Sigma to prospective joinees for the campus hiring team

  • 2018

    Moved to the Sales & Commercialization team as a strategic client partner undertaking generation of leads, interaction with senior executives from the Fortune 500 to help them jump on the Mu Sigma Problem Solving bandwagon

Q & A with Mridula Nair

An Electronics & Telecommunication engineer by education, I was keen on joining the Armed Forces after my undergraduation, but life decided to take a different turn altogether. I decided to join Mu Sigma. I have always tried to challenge myself in all sorts of ways, knowingly or unknowingly, and at Mu Sigma I have had multiple opportunities to do so through the different roles I have taken up. I didn't realise what my ambitions were until I attended a mock client call during my training period.
I realised I wanted to lead these calls and take on the challenge of convincing the stakeholder on the other end. So, from convincing a Fortune 500 client to adopt our solutions then, to convincing Fortune 500 companies to take on Mu Sigma as an analytics partner now, I have been able to test my abilities thoroughly, and continue to do so every day.

My journey started with long nights of trying to convert a pilot project for one of the world's largest retailers. After 2 months of perseverance, we succeeded in converting the project, which eventually grew to be one of the largest teams in the engagement. During this time, I was responsible for communicating with multiple stakeholders on the client's side while designing solutions with the team. In parallel, I decided to join the Mu Sigma dramatics club which I started leading in a short span of time, hosting and conducting multiple events.
I was a part of multiple initiatives in the Founder's office, but the one I worked extensively on was a project to integrate problem solving into India's education system. I would also use my time to introduce Mu Sigma to new and prospective joinees - fresh undergraduates and laterals alike. From there I decided to make the jump into the Sales team and take on a new challenge. Delivery, drama and so much more - my journey of 3 years has been an adventure so far!

I have always loved meeting new people - there is so much to learn! Here at Mu Sigma, I have had the fortune of meeting so many different kinds of people and have learnt so much from my interactions with them. The Mu Sigma ecosystem has been created such that these interactions are almost seamless, and that has allowed me to traverse through various roles and explore, something not many organizations would offer. Through the course of my 3-year tenure here, I have grown to be more confident and eager to face newer situations and challenges!

Mu Sigma is a cauldron of controlled chaos. It has its highs and lows, but is always bubbling with energy, exciting to watch, and even better to experience!

During my time working on shaping the curriculum for problem solving, I had to interact with a variety of people to understand their stake in the project. It entailed convincing universities to take on a project this ambitious, understanding parents' concerns to tailor the course keeping their priorities in mind and most importantly, interacting with children to understand their abilities, ambitions, and requirements. I never expected to do something of this sort in a corporate organisation, but Mu Sigma surprised me, and continues to do so.

I was mentoring young interns from 10th to 12th grade in my second year of Mu Sigma and it was a daunting task! Naturally, I was concerned how "my kids" would fare through it all. At the end of their two month internship, they presented their work in front of our entire leadership team, and were much appreciated! That moment was a testament to the potential success of the project I was working on.

I've been a student, a mentor, a lead, and here I felt like a mother duck. Who knew a company would make you feel that at 23?

Making a difference in the world - working with children or enabling them in some or the other way.

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