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Leveraging Customer Data to Optimize Loyalty Programs

A retail leader with 1000+ stores was designing loyalty campaigns heuristically, in spite of the abundance of customer data generated by these campaigns. Mu Sigma is equipping them with a personalization decision engine to devise pre-campaign strategy and gauge success post-campaign.


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Turbocharging Supply Chains with High-Quality Data (DaaS)

An unstructured and siloed data lake and error-prone data pipelines were impeding the supply chain operations of a renowned food products manufacturer. They approached Mu Sigma to engineer a data architecture that would serve as a resilient backbone for their supply chain.


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Streamlining Airlines MRO Operations with Predictive Maintenance

In the face of heart-wrenching airplane crashes, maintaining flight safety has become a global priority. Optimizing Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) operations is the key to preventing such calamities and cutting significant MRO costs. Predictive maintenance presents a highly cost-efficient opportunity to streamline MRO. By predicting the need for repair and maintenance, it preempts the loss of revenue from grounding, non-flying hours, and futile scheduled maintenance operations. PUTTING A LEADING AIRLINE ON THE RADAR Just


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Management Reporting for a Large Food Products Manufacturing

Data-driven decision making is no longer an enabler, but a core competency for every organization doing business in the AI era. To enable this, a large food products manufacturer wanted to create a granular reporting framework by leveraging cloud and to move away from complex legacy systems.


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Demand Forecasting for a Medical Devices Company

One of the largest medical technology companies in the world was looking to revamp its existing supply chain model. At the macro-level, the client wanted:
• Improve the accuracy of its demand forecasting model to increase supply chain efficiency
• Create a framework that can forecast at acceptable high-levels of accuracy which was currently not possible due to demand-stream volatility.


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Personalized Campaign Management Powered by Data

A leading membership-based retailer was targeting customers with common campaigns that didn’t resonate with them. This reflected as low membership renewal rates. More than just a solution, they were looking for a thought transformation to:
• Improve customer retention
• Increase purchase frequency


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Retail Stores Emerge as the Top Advertising Medium

Every consumer goods brand today looks to digital media as their go-to advertising channel. Trackable and easy to navigate and scale – this channel has quickly dominated the brand media options. However, the buzz around it also masks the fact that it’s cost per impression is high, and scaling the target audience with digital is increasingly expensive.


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Dynamic Linear Models

Dynamic linear models were developed in engineering in the early 1960’s to monitor and control dynamic systems.


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Constraint programming

Integer programming (IP) and mixed integer programming (MIP) have served the operations research (OR)


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