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Risk Analytics

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Mu Sigma’s risk analytics solutions facilitate effective evaluation, measurement and management of risk across verticals

Business dynamics is changing at a fast pace, giving rise to uncertainty and risks. The most effective contingency for risk control is an early detection and mitigation mechanism to prevent jeopardizing of cash flows.

Mu Sigma offers a range of analytics solutions for effective risk management. We provide data analytics solutions employing high-end statistical techniques for credit risk modeling, fraud detection and control, loss forecasting, foreclosure prediction, risk-based pricing, event modeling, etc.


  • Application Scorecard
  • Risk Based Pricing
  • Fraud Detection
  • Line Assignment

  • Behavioral Scorecard
  • Limit Management
  • Retention (Payoff /
    Foreclosure) Analysis
  • Risk Profile of
    Promotion Targets

  • Collection Scorecard
  • Recovery Scorecard
  • Bucket Roll Rate
  • Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies
  • Loss Forecasting
  • Model Management & Scorecard Tracking
  • Portfolio Snapshots & Rol Rates
  • Fraud Control and Monitoring
  • Portfolio Stress Testing
“The results delivered by Mu Sigma really opened us up to think about our own legacy practices and how we could improve them. Real insights, really actionable.”
Specialist Project Lead,
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