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Apprentice Leader

Work Location: Bangalore

Mu Sigma is a category defining Decision Sciences and Big Data Analytics Company helping enterprises institutionalize data-driven decision making. Mu Sigma’s unique interdisciplinary approach and cross-industry learning drive innovation in solving high-impact business problems across marketing, risk and supply chain. With over 3500 decision scientists and experience across 10 industry verticals, Mu Sigma has been consistently validated as the preferred Decision Sciences and analytics partner. Mu Sigma provides an integrated decision support ecosystem of products, services and cross-industry best practice processes transforming the way decisions are enabled in enterprises for more than 140 Fortune 500 clients.

At Mu Sigma, we believe in “leadership” over “management”. We want to create leaders and becoming a leader is a continuous pursuit. We are looking for people who believe in our philosophy of continuous pursuit of leadership.

We are looking for Apprentice Leaders who can learn to lead client engagements to help make better, faster data driven decisions, and benefit from changes in their business environment. They apply first-principles based thinking to solve business problems. They do this by integrating the disciplines of math, business, technology and design thinking to ensure that the analytics and hence insights we generate for our customers are consumable and actionable. They coach and mentor Decision Scientists who aspire to become future Apprentice Leaders.

How will your typical day look like?

  • Catch up with onsite counterparts to understand client requirements
  • Synthesize the (sometimes ambiguous) information from the call with onsite and help your team make sense of it
  • Decide the approach while thinking through possible deadlocks in advance. Typically our business problems cannot be solved using a linear/single line of thought. Some days, you would find yourself deeply engrossed in debugging a code, writing a program while on other days you could be designing an algorithm or defining the right architecture (That makes it all the more fun!)
  • In the afternoon you’d meet up with some team members (over a working lunch!) to understand their problems/concerns and to enthuse them in general. We have an open work culture and encourage sharing of ideas
  • You’ll also make time to attend some knowledge sharing sessions to awaken your senses post lunch. The topics are an interesting potpourri of ideas ranging from Casino Gambling to Social Media Analytics to Analytics in counter terrorism. You will present some of these yourself eventually
  • The workday stretches into late evenings and you’d find yourself talking to the client, presenting insights from work your team performed during the day. You’ll close the day by addressing concerns if any
  • In short, a day would involve hands-on delivery – be it brainstorming on a project, or writing some algorithm in SAS/R/Java or whatever technology it takes, preparing a deck

What do we expect from you?

  • Ability to make sense of ambiguity: To lead your team out of murky waters and keep the spirits high in the process
  • Belief in an internal locus of control: We like people who believe that they have the ability to influence other people and processes, to mold the environment in a way that helps achieve the team’s goals Ability to apply first principles and structured approaches to problem solving as opposed to relying excessively on past domain expertise alone
  • Belief in the “fail fast and learn” way of doing things rather than sitting out of the process
  • An open mind and pleasing personality with good comfort level in interacting and motivating people from diverse backgrounds
  • A strong appreciation for Math, Business and Technology and an appetite to get your hands dirty with any/all of them as required
  • Willingness to do an honest and continuous evaluation and development of your leadership skills

What do we offer you in return?

  • A continuous learning environment that will nurture you to become a great leader
  • One of the most challenging and diverse work environments where “learning” is a way of life
  • Top notch peer group which will force you to expand your envelope of capabilities
  • An open culture where counterpoints are encouraged and the emphasis is on collaborative learning
  • Guarantee that you will enjoy every work day while being a part of a select group which will redefine the way decisions are made across the world

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelors in Engineering / MBA from premier institutions.


  • 3- 10 years

Send all resumes to

Trainee Decision Scientist

Mu Sigma is hiring Trainee Decision Scientist (TDS) …

2015 pass outs - BE/B.Tech – All branches, M.Sc. (Engg 5 year integrated course), B.Sc. Mathematics and Statistics, BA Economics from selected colleges with 60% and above throughout 10th/12th and Graduation with no backlogs.

Here is the off-campus calendar.

Sl No. Location Date
1. Bangalore 10/11 July 2015
2. Chennai 10/11 July 2015
3. Cochin 10/11 July 2015
4. Mumbai 10/11 July 2015

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Junior Associate

Work Location: US

Role & responsibilities:

The one phrase you will hear at Mu Sigma above all others is “learning over knowing.” We expect everyone in the company, from our CEO to our new analysts, to have the capacity to learn. This is not simple rote memorization. New concepts and ideas will be thrown at you, anything and everything from the chemical backings of pharmaceutical drugs to the vast global supply chains of leading retailers. We aren’t simply a data analytics firm; we’re a decision sciences firm. We help firms make good decisions, and to do that, we know them better than they know themselves.

So, if you’re still interested. Here is what we’re looking for:
  • A strong quantitative mindset: You don’t have to be a Statistics major or anything, but you do have to know how to work with numbers.
  • A critical viewpoint: We want someone who asks questions, who asks why something is the way it is. We value contrarian thinking.
  • Charisma: This is consulting, and this is a client facing roll. The clients have to like you, and more so, they have to like you even when you tell them they’re wrong.
And here is what you’d actually be doing:
  • Work with clients to understand their business challenges and how to solve them.
  • Work with your onsite team, and offsite team -based in India, to solve these problems using the analytical framework that we teach you
  • Present the results of your work to senior management, and give insightful recommendations that have tangible business impacts
  • Build relationships with clients to better understand their business, and to enable them to better understand how to use analytics to drive their business
Finally, here’s what you’ll gain from the experience:
  • A strong background in analytics. You’ll learn how to think analytically, and how to quantify and solve any business problem that is thrown at you
  • Strong technical skills. We’ll teach you the skills you’ll need to thrive. Such as how to use databases, how to use software like SAS and Excel, and more
  • Real, substantial experience. The work you will get will be important, and will be critical to our engagements. You’ll routinely talk to and present to management
  • A head-start. Data analytics as an industry is exploding and we’re at the forefront of it
The Training:

Training will be in Bangalore, India out of the global Mu Sigma University (MSU) for a period of 6 months. After you complete MSU, you will be assigned to one of our clients (many of whom are Fortune 500 companies) and work out of their offices around the US. Some of the locations are Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, New York and other locations where our clients have offices. You will be part of teams that work closely with client stakeholders helping them solve business problems at scale.

Education Qualification: BBA/BA/BS.

Mail resume to


Work Location: US

Role & responsibilities:

  • Work with clients to understand their business challenges and formulate business problems
  • Work with teams based out of India to solve client business problems by translating them into an analytics problem solving framework
  • Identify the right data elements that help in arriving at the solution
  • Augment the offshore team by providing business context
  • Present results to senior management through insightful recommendations
  • Ensure service delivered is consumed and tangible business impact is created
  • Build positive relationship with clients by understanding their business and institutionalizing analytics within their business environment
Skills & Competencies:
  • Possess strong analytical/logical thinking skills and clarity of thought
  • Ability to learn complex businesses very quickly, define problems accurately while paying attention to detail in the solution
  • Good to have experience in Advanced Excel, VBA/Macros, SQL. Skills in SAS/R
  • Ability to extract and analyze data from multiple sources using analytical tools
  • Ability to manage and multi-task under tight deadlines
  • Project management experience is a plus

Education Qualification: Bachelors or Masters in Engineering, Business, Statistics or Economics

Mail resume to

“Mu Sigma University prepares me to work on path-breaking, novel ideas.”
Employee, Mu Sigma

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Designation: Senior Manager
Name: Gaurang Patel
Location: Bangalore, India
Client you work for: Large Technology Retailer, Large Retail Bank
Years of Experience in Mu Sigma: 2 Years

  • What according to you is the appeal of Mu Sigma?
  • An open work culture that believes in youth and nurtures creative innovation surely appeals. This sort of an environment sets the tone for out of the box thinking, breaking out of the “expert mindset” and also the freedom to question the norm and seek answers. Another USP of the Mu Sigma eco-system is exposure across verticals, providing us a holistic view towards business problems and the need to “really” institutionalize analytics.

  • Tell us what led you to Mu Sigma and how has your career progressed so far?
  • The fast-paced work environment, challenging projects, unique industry and a passion to impact business decisions are what got me to Mu Sigma. Over my two year stint in Mu Sigma, my career has progressed from an Associate Manager to a Senior Manager. This growth has been directly proportional to the kind of exposure as well.

  • What has been the biggest surprise in working with Mu Sigma?
  • The defocus on “Expert mindset” and a greater focus on “learning” mindset as a basis for talent acquisition was surely a surprise. It is also a pride of association to know that we are creating Analytical Talent and hence is doing a supply side arbitrage.

  • What do you like to do outside of Mu Sigma?
  • I enjoy exercising, running long distance, travelling, and theatre.


Designation: Manager
Name: Nilesh Gupta
Location: Bangalore, India
Client you work for: Managing for three industries (Home Improvement, Petro chemical industry and baby care products)
Years of Experience in Mu Sigma: 5 Years

  • Your (professional) growth in Mu Sigma
  • I have been with Mu Sigma for almost 5 years now. I started out as a raw talent. The sort of exposure I have received has been phenomenal and has helped me mould myself into a well-rounded Manager. I totally appreciate Mu Sigma for the challenges it throws at us – pushing us to learn, gain experience and give our best.

  • Experience in Mu Sigma
  • It took me no time to realize that I have joined a well-structured team of masters on the cutting edge of today’s demand on decision sciences. The business processes are not only progressive, but innovative. It has been a pleasure working here.

  • 2-in-a-box – your thoughts
  • The onsite-offshore model of working has helped me showcase the teams’ work in a white box manner. It has also enabled the team to get more business context to our work as the onsite feed more client level thought process in to the analysis. Another positive of this model is during the initial requirement gathering phase where the first level information is transferred from the client to the offshore team.

  • Work culture – Mu sigma Style
  • I have learnt several aspects of running a business here and I seem to get progressively better at it. I can proudly say that I work for an organization that encourages me to be innovative, gives me the freedom to do things the way I want to (within the realms of being responsible), and teaches me things that no business school can.
    The openness in the eco-system strengthens bonding among team members. The willingness of seniors to work with new employees in a supportive manner, nurtures talent and ensures growth. I honestly cannot remember a day going by where I did not learn something new, and the opportunities for personal growth are tremendous.
    I have had several challenging and exciting opportunities to lead variety of projects and help me interact with diverse people both locally and globally

  • How do you do it - solving business problems of customers
  • I’d broadly bucket it into 3 aspects.
    Motivation - We work extremely hard and there are very high expectations placed on us. But because we are all virtual owners of this company we all recognize that we have to push ourselves to be successful every day and that everyone individual within a team has to contribute. This philosophy not only makes us stronger as an organization, but also resulted-oriented.
    Professional aspect - We have a diverse team with a wealth of experience and subject matter experts who help clients achieve their business goals. I have leveraged the ecosystem that enabled my success and helped me take up more challenges.
    Culture - One aspect of the culture is employee empowerment. Employees are asked what we should be doing, not told what to do.

    We offer a myriad of analytical decision making by blending Math + IT + business to help our clients meet and exceed their goals.

  • Is Mu Sigma all about Math or more
  • Mu Sigma is surely more than math. Applied math is surely our differentiator. However, we combine the disciplines Technology and Business along with Math to solve business problems of our clients. We institutionalize data-driven decision making. Once in the Mu Sigma eco-system, learning is a continuous process and Mu Sigma University facilitates it. Right from induction to get raw talent groomed to take on business problems to continuous learning program, MSU is the platform. Also the employee engagement initiatives such as Exposé (a one-day event which is a celebration of our work), FedEx day (an event designed to bring you single more desired idea to life) ensure individuals have an opportunity to showcase their talent. It is truly the best company I’ve had opportunity to work with and I am proud to be a Mu Sigman


Designation: Manager
Name: Srinidhi Shama Rao
Location: Bangalore, India
Client you work for: World’s largest retailer & a large US based electronics retailer
Years of Experience in Mu Sigma:

  • What is the Mu Sigma environment like?
  • Young, vibrant, people with high IHP from the top institutions across India and US, and geeky in a fun sort of way.

  • Tell us what led you to Mu Sigma and how has career progressed so far?
  • The want to be part of something never done before in the scale that Mu Sigma has was the reason that led me to join Mu Sigma. Growth for me in Mu Sigma has been two fold – professional and personal. Professionally, I have climbed up a couple of rungs (from being an SBA to a Manager). Personally, the learnings in such a dynamic environment have been unmatched – be it in terms of the project handling, variety of Fortune 500 clients we interact with, and peer group. In addition, a leadership that provides “supportive autonomy”, which offers an opportunity to take decisions independently, experiment various managerial techniques, learn as I go and constantly improve. Individually and collectively, we experiment, share and grow.

  • What has been the biggest surprise in working with Mu Sigma?
  • Hands-on cross-industry exposure. To be able to not just influence a certain client in a certain vertical, but also to enable cross pollination of best practices is a great feeling. Adding on to this, the opportunity to also work in these verticals is a bonus.

  • What do you like to do outside of Mu Sigma?
  • I enjoy adventure sports and trek whenever I get a chance to.


Designation: Engagement Manager
Name: Abhishek Narayan Singh
Location: New Jersey, USA
Years of Experience in Mu Sigma: 4.5 yrs

  • What is the Mu Sigma environment like?
  • The Mu Sigma environment is one that nurtures creative thinking and spurs innovation. We have a culture that lives true of its values, enables individuals to seek and share ideas openly, encourages the flow of knowledge throughout the organization and gives us the determination to achieve our vision.

  • Tell us what led you to Mu Sigma and how has career progressed so far?
  • I joined Mu Sigma when it was only 100 employees strong. The 3E’s (Exposure to a multi-cultural work environment, Experience across a wide range of verticals and Fortune 500 clients, and Encouragement to extend beyond our comfort zone) are what led me to join Mu Sigma. Today, in the role of an Engagement Manager, I lead one of our largest accounts in the pharmaceutical vertical and also manage the relationship with a few Fortune 100 clients.

  • What has been the biggest surprise in working with Mu Sigma?
  • I had quit my job with Mu Sigma to pursue my MBA from ISB. Once the course was completed, I was invited to join back as an Engagement Manager in US. This sort of encouragement given to pursue higher goals and yet be keep a professional connect was a sure (pleasant) surprise for me.

  • What do you like to do outside of Mu Sigma?
  • Travelling, trekking, and spending time with family is what I do outside of Mu Sigma.


Designation: SM
Name: Sankar N Sekar
Location: Bangalore, India
Years of Experience in Mu Sigma: 6.5 yrs

  • About yourself
  • I joined Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst when the company size was 20 people. I have worked on the length and breadth of analytical problems starting from developing and maintaining complex datamarts to statistical models predicting a customer’s next purchase I am currently a Senior Manager managing the Mu Sigma University, which imparts structured training to freshers out of college and Continuous Learning Programs to employees in the system

  • I like my role because…
  • …my role has always demanded more than what I am comfortable doing. Staying in a constant state of challenge excites me the most.

  • Most accomplished moment(s) in Mu Sigma
  • There are so many of them. Every time a client is happy with the analysis that is shared, it becomes an accomplished moment. If I have to name one: Back in 2008 / 2009, one of our clients was extremely unhappy with the quality of the work delivered. Within a short span of time, I was able to turn around that thought and she became a champion for Mu Sigma

  • Your aspirations – 5 years from now
  • 5 years from now, I would like be in a position to run my own Business Unit in Mu Sigma and be responsible for the P & L of that Business Unit


Designation: Senior Manager
Name: Deepa Mahesh
Location: California
Years of Experience in Mu Sigma: 7 yrs

  • A little about you…
  • I started off as an Senior Business Analyst, moved on to being a Manager responsible for offshore delivery, spent time onsite being a client liaison and am currently the Account Manager for some of our growing accounts in the bay area.

  • As a Sr. Manager, you love….
  • The constant nudge out of the comfort zone and push to excel … The sheer opportunities at your grasp is uncomparable to no other industry and no other company - you just have to be willing to grab it.

  • Most accomplished moment in Mu Sigma
  • Just being part of the growth story – of being a brand, of defining an industry is a great accomplishment in itself. I am the 16th employee of Mu Sigma. To see the numbers grow from 2 digits to three and four (2000 employees) is another great feat Mu Sigma has accomplished.

  • Mu Sigma differentiator
  • Mu Sigma is fast paced, high energy, value for learning, with no room for mediocrity, and a platform for immense opportunity

  • Your motivators
  • The last 7 years has been such a roller coaster ride, but at the same time, I do know that Mu Sigma has given me some amazing opportunities which has given me the freedom to choose paths that I would not have dared to take earlier…


Designation: EM
Name: Bharath Upadhya
Location: US

  • Years of Experience in Mu Sigma:
  • I joined Mu Sigma 3 years ago and have handled two very different yet connected roles that have provided me with a holistic perspective on our business model. Starting as a Senior Manager in our Bangalore office, I was responsible for offshore service delivery for a large technology client. My key responsibilities included delivery and people management for a team of over 100 analysts. My team worked on complex problems in online advertising space, product marketing & research using an array of quantitative techniques and big data technologies. One of the best parts of my job included hiring, training, coaching and mentoring future Mu Sigma leaders.

    Over a year ago, I took up the role of an Engagement Manager. I relocated with my family to US to head the client services team of the same technology client. In my current role, I am responsible for managing client relationship, business development and driving Mu Sigma’s revenues. One of the best parts of my job is interacting with leaders in client organization on a daily basis. Many are leading names in their field and working on cutting edge problems in technology domain. It is gratifying to note that Mu Sigma is making real difference to their business and I am at the center of all the action.

  • Your role is unique because…
  • Engagement Managers are the conduit between Mu Sigma fulfillment teams and client teams. They need to play multiple roles and constantly prioritize activities. Being on the front lines, we get to see business challenges first hand and a chance to discuss with (client) leadership in real time, which are translated to our offshore team so that meaningful insights and recommendations are generated without losing the business context. Engagement Managers need to be on top of developments in client organization, build long term relationships, drive meaningful and interesting conversations with clients. They need to constantly work to identify and convert new opportunities that drive revenue growth while maintaining existing revenue streams.

  • Being a single Point of Contact
  • I manage one of Mu Sigma’s largest clients in terms of revenue and people. On the one hand, it feels good that I drive a significant portion of Mu Sigma’s revenue, it is also a big responsibility with constant set of challenges. You get the autonomy to make several decisions at operational and strategic level. It is good and nerving to know that every meeting you attend, every conversation you have with client, every process you put in place, have such a direct impact. At the same time, this role requires lot of hard work and constant preparation. You can never be sure of what you can expect – run into a GM in an elevator, sign a big deal or get pulled up for wrong analysis – all in a single day.

  • Your experience thus far
  • I was part of a team that doubled the account in close to 18 months.
    Due to my sales efforts and bets I took, I have the satisfaction of building several new sub groups in my account which today provide significant revenues to Mu Sigma.
    We worked on several new initiatives that yielded at least $ 18 million in incremental revenues to the client.
    I recently had the opportunity to present Mu Sigma ideas to the CFO of our client organization. These exposures are one of a kind that matter the most in your career.

  • 3 motivators
  • 1. Work has direct impact to Mu Sigma and client organization. Especially on the client front, we are constantly valued in various forums. 2. Highly dedicated and smart peer group and direct reports 3. Fact that we are building a brand and I am being part of this journey

  • Message for prospective Mu Sigmans
  • If you are considering the position of an Engagement Manager with Mu Sigma, be prepared for:

  • 1. A deep dive into Mu Sigma’s business and principles. Your role demands that you not only introduce Mu Sigma to prospective clients but also excite them to work with us
  • 2. To connect the dots and be prepared at all times. Learning can come from anywhere and you never know which will be applicable in what context.
  • 3. Be patient as not all days will go your way. Don’t take failures personally Be culturally sensitive, groom well and be energetic

Designation: Senior Manager
Name: David Zakkam
Location: Bangalore
Years of Experience in Mu Sigma: Close to 5 years

  • Your growth in Mu Sigma
  • I started work on a small pilot for the online services team for a leading software company. After the pilot was converted, I spent close to a year and a half scaling the team from a team of 3 to about 25. In parallel, I managed delivery for a section of the corporate marketing group as well. After that, I spent about two years in the US as the Account Manager for the same company. I took the account from a run rate of about 3 Million per year to a run rate of about 9 Million. I returned to India in Feb 2011 and spent the last year and a half doing delivery.

  • You most like your role because…
  • Two aspects! Firstly, we create soooooo much impact at our clients and that is a very big “why” I sleep happy at night. Over the last year, the teams I manage have created impact to the tune of about 100 Million for our clients. Secondly, I am very happy to see young people grow in the company due to their hard work and dedication. I get very happy when someone gets a better role because of their good work.

  • Most accomplished moment in Mu Sigma
  • I hate selling. I still took up the opportunity to do a lot of selling while I was the Account Manager in Mu Sigma. Mu Sigma makes one operate way out of the comfort zone and the learning I got during my stint as Account Manager was far higher than any other time in my career. High learning, high growth and good results during my stint at Mu Sigma has been my greatest accomplishments so far.

  • Mu Sigma differentiator
  • We just deliver. It doesn’t matter if we live or die. We just continue to deliver. We never give up against any odds. It is impossible for any company to have this kind of culture ingrained as part of its DNA.

  • Your motivators
  • Impact to clients, growth of people around me (and my growth as well), the ability to make a difference to the company, constant learning, open & direct culture and the list goes on…