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We employ the levers of autonomy, mastery and purpose to drive happiness at work

We have been inspired by Daniel H. Pink's Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

In Mu Sigma, we believe that inferential learning is of greater importance than experiential knowledge. The organization is built firmly on the duality of irreverence and humility. Irreverence for the challenges before us and the confidence to face them head-on. Humility to accept that we are not the best and that we could solve these problems from first-principles. This environment of nurturing enables our employees to gain mastery over the field of analytics.

This ecosystem in turn ensures that we achieve our higher purpose - to help our client make better decisions through a better art for problem solving. It also means that we aim at autonomy by wanting to be the world’s largest decision sciences company; build this industry as we build the company. We want to be the authority in the field of decision management and institutionalize data driven decision making. And we enable this by driving the adoption of Math + Business + Technology + Behavioral Sciences and building the “Mu Sigma inside” model – where there is a little bit of Mu Sigma in every major organization that prioritizes informed decision-making.

“Mu Sigma is a powerhouse of intelligence and talent which has enriched me professionally and personally.”
Employee, Mu Sigma

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"I absolutely do not hesitate to reach out to anybody, at any level here."

I have wanted to be part of an organization that lets me explore my potential every day. I sincerely feel there is no better place I could have started my career, than with Mu Sigma. Opportunities to grow and learn are immense. Each day brings new surprises, new challenges and I am enjoying the journey.


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Designation: Engagement Manager
Full Name: Abhishek Narayan Singh
Location: New Jersey, USA

I joined Mu Sigma back in 2007 as the . I was the 5th employee in the healthcare vertical. The employee strength then was a total of with less than 100 Mu Sigma employees. Today, we are more than 300+ in healthcare alone. with the Mu Sigma family has grown 20 times its size in 2007!! I had joined as an Associate Manager in our Bangalore office and was involved in setting up our then largest client relationship withinin the a span of 12-18 months. After a brief break taken to pursue my MBA in ISB (India) in 2009, I was given the opportunity to join Mu Sigma as an Engagement Manager – this time based out of US. I left to do my MBA in 2009 from ISB and the leadership team was very encouraging of the same. I was more than happy when post my MBA I got the opportunity to come back to Mu Sigma as an Engagement manager in the US. Today, I lead one of our largest accounts in the company in the pharmaceutical vertical and also manage our relationship with one of the a Fortune 100#10 clients. My key responsibilities include client management, educating the clients about our vision and best practices, hiring and nurturing new talent in the USA and most importantly, impacting client business by providing quality of sales & marketing analytics solutions.

Uniqueness of the Role You are an Engagement Manager. What is unique about your role you in Mu Sigma?

The role of an Engagement Manager in Mu Sigma is very challenging and professionally fulfilling. It has a good mix of account management and business consulting. The role also comes with a strong duality in interactions. On one side we are the face and voice of Mu Sigma for clients and on the flip side we champion client needs/requirements within the larger Mu Sigma eco-system. It’s easy to get carried away in either of the two states. But as an engagement manager one needs to constantly strike a balance to be effective and successful. The role also gives me an opportunity to engage with people at the management rung of the organization. This has helped me gain perspective on multiple industries in a short period of time and forge strong business relations. The other our role is the opportunity to develop the talent for real time decision making and quick thought process.

• Single Point of Contact

Being the single POC for an account – be it large or small – comes with immense responsibilities. As an engagement manager, we act as the liaison between our clients and the offshore/onsite Mu Sigma teams. We are also the first to know of any account related news – good or bad and often the bearer of the same. Hence, one of the things that the role has taught me is to organize my thoughts and communicate succinctly and effectively. The client also looks up to me for designing analytical solutions – ones that can assure lasting impact. In the past couple of years, I have got opportunities to re-structure sales forces, roll out new selling platforms, evaluate promotional campaigns and develop a new selling model as part of the constantly evolving pharmaceutical landscape. In all of this, we impact over $10 billion dollars of client business.



Designation: Designation: Manager
Full Name: Nilesh Gupta
Location: Bangalore

• Write a little about your (professional) growth in Mu Sigma – your past roles, designations, the kind of work you have handled, etc. I have been at Mu Sigma for almost 5 years now, had started my journey as raw analyst, and the kind of exposure I have received has been phenomenal and has helped me mould myself into a well-rounded Manager. Always feel that the time simply flies by as we tackle new and interesting challenges every day. Now after so many years, it’s hard to imagine working anywhere else. One thing which I appreciate about Mu Sigma is you will constantly get challenges, never ceasing learning path and highly exquisite working culture. • Help us understand your experience in Mu Sigma so far! It took me no time to realize that I have joined a well-structured team of masters on the cutting edge of today’s demand on decision sciences. The business processes are not only progressive, but innovative. It has been a pleasure working here. • What do you think about the 2-in-a-box concept? I have had good experience with the 2-in-a-box concept so far and it helped me in showcasing the teams work in a nice manner. This also helps in getting more business context to our work as the onsite feed more client level thought process in to the analysis. It also helps in initial requirement gathering phase for any new projects where the input from client can be completely transformed in to offshore. • What have been some of your greatest learnings? I have learnt several aspects of running a business here and am better at it. I can proudly say that I work for an organization that encourages you to be innovative, gives you the freedom to do things the way you want to, and teaches you things that no business school can. One thing good about the culture is I enjoy the strong bonding among team members and the willingness of senior people to work with new employees in a supportive manner. I honestly cannot remember a day going by where I did not learn something new, and the opportunities for personal growth are tremendous. I have had several challenging and exciting opportunities to lead variety of projects and help me interact with diverse people both locally and globally • How do you go about solving the business problems of your customers? Will like to club my thoughts in 3 aspects: Motivation - We work extremely hard and there are very high expectations placed on us, but because we are all virtual owners of this company we all recognize that we have to push ourselves to be successful every day and that everyone on the team must be expected to contribute. This philosophy that everyone must contribute not only makes us stronger as an organization, but also resulted in exponential growth. Professional aspect - We have a diverse team with a wealth of experience and subject matter experts who help clients achieve their business goals. I have leveraged the ecosystem which enabled me to be successful and helped me take up more challenges. Culture - One aspect of the culture is employee empowerment. Employees are asked what we should be doing, not told what to do We offer a myriad of analytical decision making by blending Math + IT + business together to help our clients meet and exceed their goals. • You are the right ones to answer this - is Mu Sigma all about Math or does it also include other disciplines? How does it strike a balance in the eco-system? (introduce MSU, talk about the various initiatives, etc) Apart from Math we have Mu Sigma University which helps scale up individuals with rapid pace and I strongly believe that you will not see this kind of ecosystem anywhere outside. Also Expose, FedEx day are kind of initiatives helps individuals showcase their talent. It is truly the best company I’ve had opportunity to work with and I am proud to be a Mu Sigman