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Imagine working for a company that allows you to go beyond your potential. A place where you are a part of a global team, impacting the Fortune 500 clients you interact with on a daily basis

We are unique because:

  • We deliver innovative, impactful and customized solutions to solve complex business problems
  • We have a very talented and smart bunch of people passionate about challenging assignments
  • We boast of a satisfied and happy clientele comprising global industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies

Our Core Values

Value What it means to us? Why is it important to us?
  • Derive pleasure from service
  • Set realistic expectations and aim to exceed them
  • Deliver a great experience not just a great product
  • Create value and communicate it effectively to clients
  • Put the client's long term interests over everything
Like any business, success in a Global Delivery Model depends on understanding customer needs and responsiveness to the customer
  • Always deliver products of the highest quality
  • Celebrate every success and learn from every failure
  • Have patience to master skills
  • Acknowledge excellence independent of impact
Excellence is a habit that we need to cultivate to evolve from doing accurate work; being a reliable partner; trusted partner; trusted advisor
  • Value truth, honesty and transparency
  • Keep commitments of all forms
  • Never hesitate in accepting and owning failures
  • Respect client confidentiality
Being a business about fact based decision making, requires us to have a high level of integrity in everything we do
  • Always ask "Why" and encourage constructive dissent
  • Make data driven decisions and practice management by facts
  • Install processes, systems and metrics to ensure that relevant facts are captured
To develop a better art for problem solving requires one to be curious; and the ability to learn is far more important than the ability to know
  • If there is a better way to do it then find it
  • Allow for controlled risk-taking that ensures that innovative ideas have a better chance of seeing light
  • Create an environment where failure is considered a stepping stone to success
In a world that is constantly changing, where industries face new problems all the time, being innovative is not a nice to have, but a must have
  • Display initiative and self leadership
  • Encourage organizational ownership across all levels
  • Acknowledge enthusiasm
  • Accept challenges and view difficult situations as opportunities
The industry that we are in, is disrupting both the IT and consulting way of doing things. This requires us to show initiative in all aspects of decision sciences-to stretch the boundary and try new things, have the ability to take risks, learn from new industries and be proactive and not reactive to problems that people face
  • Deal with conflict and resolve it in a healthy manner
    Be willing to take difficult and unpopular decisions to ensure that organizational objectives are met
  • Encourage and reward sharing of knowledge, ideas and expertise
The role of decision sciences is to mine for conflict in decision making and resolve them in a healthy manner. Therefore the spirit of openness is important
  • Respect self and others
  • Practice professional etiquette and courtesy
  • Accept diversity in thought, lifestyle and cultural upbringing
  • Make individual interaction agnostic to organizational hierarchy
  • Encourage an environment of meritocracy
Resolving conflict in a consistent basis requires the ability to 'agree to disagree'. The foundation for this comes from mutual respect for people
  • Emphasize team success over individual triumphs
  • Partner with clients as we serve them
  • Set team oriented incentives
  • Act, decide and communicate based on both inter and intra organizational interests
The interdisciplinary nature of our business, the duality of art and science working together, all make it essential for us to take a team oriented approach to solving
  • Be a lean organization and eliminate waste
  • Optimally allocate and utilize resources
  • Be guided by value maximization motives
Institutionalizing analytics; ubiquitous usage of analytics; scalable deployment of analytics expertise; value pricing; cost effective operations


“I get endless opportunities to work on innovative solutions and make a difference in every assignment.”
Employee, Mu Sigma

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