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The Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva clans in Mu Sigma (much like the holy trinity) work in tandem to create the synergistic ecosystem of Mu Sigma

The three diverse personifications of cosmic forces namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva synergize to complete the universal cycle of creation, preservation and eventually, productive destruction or transformation. This concept of Trimurti is reflected in Mu Sigma's ecosystem where:

  • The Brahma clan: Creating the future

  • The Vishnu clan: Preserving or managing the present

  • The Shiva clan: Destroying or selectively abandoning the past

Mu Sigma Philosophy - Analytics Solutions & Decision Sciences

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“Mu Sigma's bottoms-up analytical solution identified a number of directly translatable media allocation learnings that have greatly influenced how, when and where we will allocate future advertising budgets. One of the most telling aspects of their value-add was that everything the models came up with made perfect intuitive sense - a testament to the quality and integrity of their efforts.”

VP - Marketing Effectiveness,
World's largest advertising company

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